Upon stepping into The Bronze look, I never expected the events and changes I was about to endure. I had a stone my daughter had found as a young child I thought may possibly be a diamond. It was not a diamond, but life changing non the less. I had no idea the owner of The Bronze Look, Randolph Evans would see me as a potential employee and hired me a week later as a sales and marketing person for his coin shop. The shop not only sold coins, but various other items such as silver & gold, jewelry, art, glassware, and other various unique items. Well it didn’t take long for Randolph to figure out I was a novice without a clue about coins. To my surprise however; he kept me around.  Since the day I started the process of learning is never ending.

I always knew there was value in collecting coins.  I remember as a small child looking through my dad’s coins, admiring his collection. I guess I may have had an interest myself, I just didn’t know it until that fateful day I walk into The Bronze Look. Now everyday Randolph is teaching me something new.  My most interesting project so far has been a book of Mercury Dimes which was almost complete.  Randolph showed me important features to look for on each coin and pulled up the PCGS Online Photograde site.  I look at the dimes in the book, checking for important features. I then compared them to the different grades shown on the PCGS Photograde page and graded each dime.  After I gave my grade, I used a green sheet to place values each dime based on the grade. I was surprised to discover just how valuable some of the dimes were.

I find challenges in all the facts there are to learn about coins and what makes one coin more valuable than the other. It’s also a challenging business to be a part of. It seems this day in age, with so much value being placed technology, the act of coin collecting may not be as popular as it once was.  I am thankful I have been given the opportunity to be brought into these challenges. I am blessed to have a mentor with a vast knowledge of coins and so much more. The days when there is a group of collectors all at once in the shop are most fascinating. I quietly hang on their every word waiting to take in the next interesting fact on a certain coin which I have not learned yet. I have worked for The Bronze Look just a little over a month and have no plans on ever looking back. Each day offers a new, exciting opportunity to learn.