Bluefield, VA – On October 1, 2020 Bluefield Virginia resident Louis Pushkin declared his intention to run as a write-in candidate for the 9th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. This seat is currently held by Morgan Griffith (R) who was first elected to this role in 2010. Pushkin saw that Griffith was running unopposed and knew there were a lot of issues facing the 9th District that Griffith had not addressed in the ten years he has served.

Louis Pushkin has lived in the Southwest Virginia area for many years and he understands the issues and problems the residents of the district face. Among all of the issues that need attention, there are three main problems that Pushkin will make a priority to focus on.

The infrastructure of the district, which encompasses over 9,000 square miles from the Kentucky/Tennessee state line East to Roanoke County, needs a lot of work. From flooding and road conditions to citizens having access to broadband internet, Pushkin realizes that this issue will take a great amount of effort and funding. He is ready for the task stating he knows the right people in Washington D.C. to address these issues and he is confident that he will be able to secure the funding to begin to address these problems.

Another issue facing the citizens of the 9th Congressional District is the Opioid Epidemic. This crisis affects everyone in one way or another. Pushkin not only outlines the problems associated with drug addiction, he has a clear cut plan to deal with issue head on. First, he wants to provide Department of Justice grants to law enforcement agencies to deal with the crisis because the police know best what they need combat the crisis. Next, Pushkin believes doctors that are found guilty of writing excessive numbers of prescriptions or “running scrip mills” should lose their license to practice and be given lengthy sentences and 10 years of probation. To alleviate congestion in the court system, Pushkin advocates for the creation of drug courts. When it comes to rehabilitating victims of the crisis, those who become addicted, he proposes alternatives to jail time, like a military style boot camp program for first offenders. Pushkin goes on to say, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

The third issue that Pushkin wants to address is that of agriculture in Southwest Virginia. Agribusiness is pushing out the small farms and farmers are finding it harder and harder to make a living. “I will bring an unprecedented funding to our farmers. Farmers are the backbone of this country,” states Pushkin on the Facebook page called The Voice, where he announced his candidacy.

Louis Pushkin holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and has taught Social Studies to teenagers at the Middle and High School levels as well as a college instructor in the subject of Politics and Government. He feels it is unacceptable that a person should have the privilege of holding this important Office without competing for the job. “Moreover, this job should not be monopolized by the same person indefinitely.” Pushkin states that Representatives should not stay in office longer than four years.

All registered voters in Virginia’s 9th Congressional District are urged by Pushkin to recognize his candidacy and write-in Louis Pushkin on your ballot as you cast your vote in the November election.

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