Tony Jackson and sons, Aaron and William of Princeton, W.Va. enjoy checking out the Corvettes at the Princeton Railroad Museum on July 11.

Princeton, W.Va.--Corvette enthusiasts revved up their engines and rolled into Princeton today to visit the Mercer Street Historic District with a stop at the Princeton Railroad Museum. Traveling West Virginia backroads can be a challenge, facing fallen trees and wide curves, but the crew is excited and follow the motto “never go straight” to the destination. The group has already traveled many miles, and they have been impressed with the beauty of the Mountain State.  Carol Fox and her husband from “just outside of Philadelphia” were excited to see more of the mountain state.  Fox states that while she has West Virginia roots, with family born in Grafton, it has, “been enjoyable driving along the mountain roads and seeing more of the state.”  Andrea Dukeman, another member was happy to see that, “West Virginia has so much greenery and open spaces. The mountains are beautiful.”

The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) is a dedicated community to the preservation, restoration and history of the great American muscle car, the Chevrolet Corvette, regardless of make, model or configuration. Every year Corvette aficionados travel the backroads to their national convention. Social gatherings, seminars and technical presentations, as well as judging of restored Vettes will highlight this year’s convention in Greenville, South Carolina. Activities at the convention include flight judging of restored Corvettes recognizing model years from 1953, the Vette’s inaugural year until 2002. They add another model year to judge every couple of years. NCRS judging is recognized around the world as the standard in determining originality. The event not only judges in the areas of restoration, performance and preservation, but also is charged with education about the love and dedication of Corvette ownership.  Dukeman says that the goal of most of this group is to return the Corvettes to their original glory, “just like they were driven off the showroom floor.”

After their stop in Princeton, at the Princeton Railroad Museum, the group will travel through West Virginia touring the sites like the New River Gorge Bridge and are excited to culminate at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The group will then travel to Asheville, N.C. before arriving and attending the NCRS national convention in Greenville, South Carolina.

Vettes have celebrated more than sixty years of production and have had several design changes since the first model rolled out in 1953. The Corvette is known as, “America’s Sports Car” and is “synonymous with freedom and adventure.”  The eighth generation Corvette (2020 model) is currently in the final stages of production, and according to General Motors, “will make its debut on July 18.”

Tony Jackson of Princeton, along with his sons, Aaron and William were in attendance of today's visit and are,“excited that they do this.” Aaron says that he “likes how the cars look” and his favorite was a 2016 black one. The love of the American Sportscar can be enjoyed by any generation.  As you are traveling the highways and mountain roads, keep an eye out for these beautiful cars, and the group of Vettes you see may just be joining the rest of the crew in Greenville, SC.