This is the last of our four part series, but before concluding this series, an update on part three is in order.  The FOURTH consecutive nominee has been nominated for the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, who believe in a return to the gold standard.  Judy Shelton is just the latest of four consecutive nominees now.  In addition, President Trump has went into overdrive in his tweeting criticism of the Federal Reserve.  The view from here is that re-election of Trump in 2020 almost certainly brings a FULL audit of the Fed at the very least, if not UN-privatizing and putting them under the Treasury Department as well!
PART FOUR... Conclusion
At this juncture, we would again suggest reading the fantastic article by Brody Hahn of Lerona on this site, as he spells out the case for owning gold and silver.  But before crawling out of the rabbit hole, we would be remiss if we didn't mention silver.  In consecutive months of  June and July this year, the gold to silver ratio stood at about 93-1.  In other words, it would take 93 ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold.  Seeing as how the historical ratio, until the last decade has been about 16-1, it might be very wise to take a hard look at silver right now.
We have addressed geopolitical implications for gold and silver across the ocean, but there could be a significant development right here in North America.  This would be Mexico's long standing desire on some political fronts to back their peso by silver.   Not to mention the melting down of pre-1965 U. S. coins overseas for their 90% silver content, which increases the potential shortage of silver on this continent.. 
On the other hand, if readers were not already aware, silver has a veritable plethora of uses other than being money and a means of exchange.  With that being said, silver is key in the automotive, solar and technology industry products (like phones, computers, servers, circuitry and printers) used all over the world.  Here are some additional uses that you may not have heard of:
Treating warts and corns
Media Storage
Keeping milk safe
Long life batteries
Stained glass
Anti microbial lab coats
3D printing
Touch screen gloves
Water purification
Smoking cessation
Laundry detergent
Wood preservation
Novel explosives
Weather modification (cloud seeding)
Food garnishing
As readers can see, aside from coinage, silverware and jewelry, silver could really be classified not only as a precious metal, but a strategic one as well.  But in conclusion, as Brody so aptly stated, thousands of years has seen gold and silver used as money.  In fact, Jesus himself was betrayed for silver!
Well we're out of the rabbit hole and the conspiracies theories are there for you to decide.  Let me know what you think.