The Bronze Look management and staff are working very hard to obtain what is becoming difficult commodities to get their hands on.  Namely, silver and gold. Again, their professional staff stand ready, willing and still able to help you with real wealth preservation.  However, the window of opportunity to take advantage is fast closing at reasonable prices.
At the close of the silver and gold trading Friday, August 7, our initial calls have returned almost 200% and 50% respectively.  Pretty good one might say, but this pales in comparison to the returns STILL out there in this writer's opinion.  For those who can afford a sizeable investment, generational wealth can be achieved at these prices!  If not, whatever you can afford will not disappoint in the coming months and years.  Why is that?
If readers took in all the reasons covered in previous articles here, they served as a primer for what is going on right now.  This article is going to cover why silver is still the play over gold because of one looming event in the very near future.  No need for Federal Reserve or U.S. dollar talk now.  The event to be discussed has only briefly been mentioned, but is critical to how the gold and silver markets will unfold in the near term.  As also opined previously, the silver to gold ratio has come down even further to 72/1.  Again, that simply means it takes 72 ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold.  Readers of this series have now seen it come down from 120/1, to 72/1.  After previously giving our argument about historical ratios being around 16/1 and silver produced at the rate of 8 ounces for every one ounce of gold, then logically, one can conclude silver WILL appreciate more and faster than gold.  But there's even more to consider.
Gold has always been favored by the elite and their central banks, along with only having a few industrial uses.  Silver is and always has been the "common man's" gold.  But with the computer and digital age, demand has exploded to literally thousands of uses.  Not only that, but the plethora of new technologies coming out require silver.  In addition, these silver components are disposed of, never to be recovered as of now for the most part.  That will change after silver takes its rightful place as not only a monetary metal once again, but a strategic one as well!
Now, let's get to the juicy stuff!  Checking the outstanding contracts standing for delivery in the month of September, they are now up over 130,000.  Each of these 130K contracts represent 5,000 ounces of PHYSICAL silver that has to be delivered.  Quick math puts that at 650 MILLION ounces!  In a normal year, that is almost the entire amount mined globally.  Furthermore, with the rabbit hole mention of Kodak covering their massive short position in the previous article, there are EIGHT large banks still short over 350 MILLION ounces themselves.  Each dollar that silver goes up, these banks lose $250,000,000.  One can easily see their losses total in the $Billions already!  The past two weeks over 1 1/2 BILLION PAPER contracts have traded on multiple days trying to cap the price to no avail.  On two days they have knocked the price down $3 and $2 respectively, only to see it roar back.  In fact, on Friday of this writing, the criminal banks and manipulators threw a record 1.75 BILLION PAPER contracts at silver during the trading session resulting in a miniscule $1.42 drop in price.  Desperation on their part abounds, and ANY weakness in price should be looked at as a gift!
In conclusion, there are but a few weeks of trading left until silver Armageddon.  In a perfect storm, the remainder of August and September looms as one for the record books!  This writer does not see this massive short position being covered by the EIGHT large banks and JP Morgan is NOT going to lend from their massive 800 MILLION ounce silver stockpile to help them out of their gargantuan predicament.  Why do that when you can pick several of these banks up for pennies on the dollar.  But that is a tale for another time.  If the banks try to buy back this short position, silver will easily see a new all-time high!  The view from here is at least a New York Comex default, and this may even cripple another criminal enterprise called the LBMA in London.  NOW is the time to establish a position for generational wealth, or at least preserve what you already have.  Let the Bronze Look help you today to take the ultimate financial victory lap!
Donald Michaels 

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