In our continuing effort to shine a LIGHT on the subject matter at hand in this series, it would just not be right for the previous update to have been the last one.  Especially since tens of millions of people feel left at the finish line... abandoned and all alone now, with no voice whatsoever.  Conversely, in concluding part 8 of the Silent Running piece, we implored readers to listen closely, for you could hear them coming.  And they have indeed come from all over the country, over 26,000 strong to DC (more on that later).  With that being said, all-righty then, let's piggyback now off of part 9.  Now that the Deep State has made their choice.  They picked option two, and came inside the Capital Hill/White House complex, along with completing the coup!  So, what now?  Well, this military intelligence operation had to be done right, as there is only one chance.  It must also carry weight, done according to the "Rule of Law" in defending our great Constitution and America.  Therefore, it WILL be proven and upheld in a non-corrupt court of law, unlike the compromised SCOTUS.  Namely, the military justice system! 

Let's harken back now to a rather dark period in our nation's history.  Does anyone remember McCarthyism.  Perhaps newer readers forgot their history, but this was a time during the late 1940's that lasted well into the 1950's.  Not to bore readers here, but it involved a communism scare in our country.  Saying that to say this.  The nation was so whipped up into a frenzy, provisions were made on behalf of our great military to protect America as a last line of defense.  What were these provisions?  If one checks out section 11.3 (important marker) contained in the Department of Defense "Law of War" Manual, they will see this last line of defense.  Basically, it states, the military can remove a belligerent government, so a legal civilian government can be installed.  Not only that, but the military can also RUN the elections!  Fast forward to today, and it's no different with the Ukrainian/China/CCP bought and paid for fake president-elect and his administration. All the sudden, WOW, can you say FAIR and LEGAL voting?  Gee, I wonder who the candidates just might be?  IF there's any doubt about belligerent's meaning, "a belligerent is an individual, group, country, or other entity that acts in a hostile manner such as engaging in combat."  Since the coup has completed in its entirety, from the fraudulent voting, State legislature and SCOTUS failures, along with a plethora of foreign interference that culminated in an Illegal swearing in at the inauguration... guess what?  The military has ample grounds with The Insurrection Act and all the other Executive Order's that were signed.  Important to remember, these were put in motion BEFORE today's inauguration, so it's in the military's hands now.  There is NO turning back.  As we have stated in this series, they HAVE TO honor their oaths.

In case one might wonder in getting back to our military, take a listen to Deep State mouthpiece, George Stephanopoulos' interview with a national guard Major.  Yes, this is the same guy (along with Katie Couric) who attended the lavish welcome back to NYC Epstein party, upon his release from Florida penal system (and everyone now knows what a joke of a sentence that was)!  But once again, we digress.  In George's interview, the Major very clearly states, "with a peaceful transition to MILITARY POWER."  Not only that, but now that the illegal inauguration is over, approximately 6,000 National Guardsmen will remain there in the interim.  Remember, we are still in a National Emergency and certain laws have been lifted in preparation for these special operations.  Under the already enacted Insurrection Act, with NO current LEGAL President, the military is in control temporarily, Hmm.  A fact that Joey B, Kammy H and all their Deep State puppets on both sides of the aisle are going to learn.

The outgoing DULY elected President is now out of the picture.  All his supporters they expected to riot today, just didn't happen.  Oh, but the riots ARE going to take place.  Only this time, unlike the "summer of love" BLM/Antifa destruction of property and small businesses in our major Deep State controlled cities, they will be put down very swiftly.  In another strange coincidence, over 200 ships belonging to our great military sit on each coast.  What are they there for?  If what we are laying out here is true, use your imagination, or better yet, simple common sense.  Military intelligence at its finest... a hated President by the Deep Staters now out of the way, while things are handled by special operations, under Joey B's watch no less!  Can't say it’s the former President's fault now.  The military is sworn to defend our Constitution and great country from ALL threats, both foreign and domestic!  Many will not accept this, but the majority most definitely will by a FAIR and IMPARTIAL military.  We still believe the lying national MSM will try and spin this as best they can, and perhaps one or two of them will flip from the Deep State stranglehold on communications when the EBS and Giant Voice notifications begin.  The optics are primed for maximum and SOLE MILITARY success and effectiveness, as it relates to, WE THE PEOPLE.  We might even pick up some more sheeple after all this corruption, human/child trafficking, REAL sedition, insurrection, HIGH CRIMES and TREASON are revealed over the coming weeks and months.  The total crime has been completed and power is truly about to be returned to WE THE PEOPLE.  This will go down in the history books as the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION and another SHOT HEARD AROUND the WORLD.  The biggest fight against EVIL since Jesus walked among his children!

In closing for our patriots out there, just one more coincidence and a relevant Bible verse.  In watching the FORMER President leave today, there were 17 flags at the departure site.  In the fake president-elect’s initial Executive Order signing this evening, there were, you guessed it, 17 of them.  Readers know how we feel about coincidences, and just a hunch here, the world is going to learn about the significance of the number 17 in due time!  Taking all the above into consideration, in addition to Ephesians 6:12 and Luke 8:17 referenced previously this series in part 9, we want to also add Daniel 2:19-23 here:

...Then Daniel praised the God of heaven and said:  "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are HIS.  HE changes times and seasons (take note climate changers); HE deposes kings and raises up others.  HE gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.  HE reveals DEEP and HIDDEN things; HE knows what lies in darkness, and LIGHT dwells with HIM.  I thank and praise you, God of my ancestors: ...

May God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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