In part one of this Military Intelligence series, we talked about several areas where the Deep State would be attacked over the past four years and WHEN, NOT IF their candidate is re-elected for another four years.  Let's first give a brief update and observation on two of these, namely Big Pharma and the Central Banking System.

It's no coincidence now, that Judy Shelton might possibly be voted on for a Federal Reserve Board position this week or next. She is part of the military intelligence plan because of ONE reason and ONE reason only!  Of course, now three Deep State Senators from what should be a supporting party, have come forward to oppose her nomination after two of them previously supported her.  This is because she is in favor of returning our nation to a gold standard for our currency and is in line to take over for Jerome Powell after his term is up as Chairman.  The Deep State controlled Central Banking System does NOT want a gold standard, as that thwarts their controlled politicians in the House and Senate on both parties, from plunging this country into Third World Status by spending the current system and world's reserve currency into oblivion.  The start of this driving the death nail into our financial system begins with Dark Winter.  Remembering in our other article, this is the program mentioned by the fake President Elect.  The view from here is, we are likely to see a tactical, pre-shot across the bow Constitution lesson.  In a dead tie in the Senate, the current Administration's VP casts the deciding vote for Ms. Shelton.  A fitting forerunner to the 12th Amendment lessons the Deep State is about to learn concerning the POTUS election!  As this article was being penned, the first test vote for Ms. Shelton's nomination was blocked with the Senate Majority Leader changing his right to re-submit.  This will prove to be much harder than even overturning the voter fraud, but it will get done in the end!

On the other hand, concerning Big Pharma, there are reasons the current president mentioned a vaccine potentially being in place by October 31 on several occasions.  And it’s no coincidence Pfizer and Moderna (controlled by Bill Gates and Saint Fauci) held off until after the election for the announcements. After all, they realized all the fake polls and propaganda was not working and could not afford to give a landslide POTUS winner anymore momentum than he already had! In another spectacular NON-Coincidence, Pfizer's CEO unloaded the vast majority of his stock on the day of the announcement!  Can you say greed and in your face corruption?  Especially when he knows about Dark Winter and the coming lock downs once again.  In military intelligence being steps ahead again, their administration countered all this fear porn with hope of a vaccine.  In addition, it exposed Big Pharma because they knew credit would be shifted to the fake President Elect instead of where it really belonged!  Perhaps that's why they informed the fake President Elect about the impending announcement BEFORE the current administration even knew!  Surely just one more oversight don't you think?  Now onto the ultimate 12th amendment Constitutional impending lesson.  Before we get there, we need to tie a female member of the fake President Elect's family to Deep State Corruption.  Check out their cancer foundation that was formed by her in 2017.  If you would have guessed that $Millions were raised with ZERO going to research and 60% going to salaries, you get the prize!  But we digress.

In 2018, the current administration passed a heretofore non-descript Executive Order dealing with foreign influence in our elections.  The trap was set and the Deep State, because of their extreme panic in getting rid of the current president at ALL costs, took the bait hook line and sinker!  Remember these names, Cytl, Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems moving forward in this series.  As we have already discussed Dominion, the other two with ANY research at all, takes you straight to George Soros and the myriad shell companies he put in place to form and fund these companies.  The Executive Order addresses SPECIFICALLY "Imposing Certain Sanctions in the EVENT of Foreign Interference in a United States Election".  On the heels of that, we get word from Representative Louis Gohmert that servers were confiscated in a military operation out of Frankfurt Germany.  These will prove to have been used to change, lose and be ultimately involved in the destruction of millions of votes!  Oh, I'm sure you are NOT aware of Representative Gohmert's stating this on the lying mainstream national media!   No matter, this whole election fraud process was observed in 2018 and prepared for in 2020.  Alas, people want instant gratification when it comes to proof.  The proof will be there in spades when the TIME is right. This 2018 EO gives the former COUNTER TERROISM head who replaced Esper, Christopher Miller, up to 45 days after the election to deliver his findings.  Not good for the Deep State, because military intelligence KNEW, PLANNED FOR & DOCUMENTED this National Security concern.  Sometimes good things take time.  

Doesn't one find it curious that even without all the ballot fraud, one candidate UNDERPERFORMED his party's past female candidate in EVERY city but FOUR!  What are those cities you might ask?  Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia where votes cast have reached the stratosphere from past elections.  Another amazing coincidence considering as it stands right now, one party LOST seats in the House nationwide (and will lose ANOTHER Senate seat in Michigan after the true fraud there is exposed).  Considering those facts, there is one more key point to consider here.  Why isn't this party contesting all their lost seats in the House, especially since earlier this century the illustrious now Speaker/then MINORITY leader was questioning voting machine results and the NEED for audits and counting ALL the LEGAL votes?!  Simply this, DISCOVERY is a very powerful tool, and just maybe, they only want the Big Fish this time instead of exposing their voting corruption in the OTHER minor races.  Must have been a fake video recorded by CSPAN on Madam Speaker regarding election fraud?!  Where was that Blue Wave that was going to sweep the nation?  Oh, and surely you noticed the ONLY four cities where this candidate got more votes than the previous female challenger just happens to be in four key states, who also just had to stop counting on election night!  And they want the sheeple to believe that this anointed by the lying mainstream media President Elect candidate who could not draw flies to his events, beat a candidate that got more LEGAL votes than any candidate in history!  As previously stated, they had to calculate how far they were behind so they could start using the Dominion voting system in Frankfurt Germany to produce the winning votes.  Lots of dragging and dropping of files between candidates, lost votes, destroyed votes etc... had to happen over the next several days.  Something's rotten in Denmark... uh, or we should say here in this case, Frankfurt!  For those, who still refuse to see all the corruption and only want change because of their deep hatred of the present administration, I can only say that's entirely on them.  The right of the people is to know beyond any shadow of a doubt, they have a true choice in our elections, NOT the ILLUSION of a choice!  It will be proven in the end that this was indeed a landslide of epic proportions!  Before we leave, just one more instance of how symbolism and coincidence will be the Deep State's downfall.  Take some time to go out and look at Dominion Voting Systems' corporate logo.  Looks pretty innocent on the surface, but what it really shows upon closer inspection is, "RED Votes going in the top, and BLUE votes coming out the bottom!"  We have pointed out time after time in these articles where the corrupt and evil Deep State likes to flaunt their corruption right in front of your face and this is but one more example of many.  In another coincidence, Dominion's employees are ALL deleting their LinkedIn profiles, and it seems ALL their software engineers are based in Serbia!  What could possibly be wrong with that picture?

Taking ALL the above into consideration, this is NOT just about the POTUS and American elections, but elections worldwide.  How many people have paid for their offices, or compromised because of blackmail?  We know Chavez and Maduro will be proven to have used Dominion to achieve victories.  What we have left is a scene right out of the classic novel 1984.  Then, it was called, "The Ministry of Truth," and under the old USSR it was called, " The Department of Agitation and Propaganda."  Of course, the Nazi's called it, "The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda".  Today, sadly it is called The Corrupt Lying Mainstream National Media and their factcheckers.  But even that is backfiring on them.  There is an AWAKENING.  The current and future president tweeted on successive days that, "I WON THE ELECTION!", followed the next day by "I Won The Election."  Both times, TWIT's fact checkers put a caption on the tweets that stated the following, "OFFICIAL sources called this election differently."  In a public outcry against them, they had to change the statement to, "Multiple sources called this election differently” No longer are the sheeple asleep.  The MEDIA do not CALL elections, especially since there is rampant voter fraud that will be proven!  The Deep State are baited and exposed at every turn and their propaganda arm is losing steam.  The other day, the so-called President Elect said, "if I am elected" and The Senate Minority Leader said, he would be "INSTALLED".  Whoa, what happened to being in control?  Must be like the fake intelligence briefings he is supposedly getting now as well.

In conclusion, the people of our great country had to SEE and FEEL it all regarding how evil and diabolic the Deep State really is.  Only then, after SEEING things that people once thought was crazy conspiracy talk, would they rise up and demand change.  Without experiencing it, feeling and tasting the pure evil agenda, people here in this great country and around the world would NEVER want to usher in change!  Unfortunately, it had to be this way.  You are witnessing the utter destruction of the old guard Deep State elite with a plan that has been in the making for years by military intelligence and being backed by Almighty God!  Want proof?  Take a look at the first picture in 2017 of the current President's initial photo with his Joint Chiefs and Military Support Staff.  Out of the TWENTY-THREE in the picture, only FOUR still remain of the initial group.  The rest have gone on to their corrupt and evil war machine companies like Halliburton and General Dynamics's Board of Directors making their blood money for facilitating endless wars!  That reminds one, how many wars have we gotten into that the LYING mainstream national media trumpeted for the past four years that we would?  That's right, ZERO!  God bless this administration and military intelligence for wanting to bring our troops home!  Our small group of influential military intelligence patriots had a plan for the corruption that had infiltrated even those great service branches at the very top!  This digital soldier stands at the ready and so does the 12thAmendment!

God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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