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Military Intelligence & Deep State! Part 4

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Before we get into the Military Intelligence update, we need to give a brief update on the This Is About The Election series.  Some of what is occurring right now is about the POTUS election, but bleeds over into this series of articles as well. Once again, the lying mainstream national media controlled by the Deep State will try and convince the sheeple about Safe Harbor, Electoral College and impending inauguration of the fake President Elect etc...  As our last Election update laid out, these dates and proclamations are meaningless, as there is only ONE date in the Constitution that is written in stone, and that is the Inauguration Date!  Justices Thomas and Alito just laid out the roadmap in their dissents on the Texas case recently not heard.  This will be used for the plethora of cases still to come.  Remember, the patriots only need ONE case to "vitiate" the results of the election!  Our pieces of the Constitution in the Election series,  then lay out the path forward in negating the biggest election steal in history.  On the other hand, military intelligence still has plan B, in the guise of the Foreign Interference Executive Order signed in 2018.
Before tying that in, we have to address the dismantling of Big Pharma and their withholding of cures and therapeutics for major things like cancer and diabetes, just to name two.  It isn't any wonder they hate this present administration's goal of having the cheapest medicine of any nation on the planet.  After all, there are BILLIONS of $$ at stake.  Let's take the newest Covid-19 very real virus, but alarmingly overhyped fear porn surrounding it by the Deep State controlled lying national mainstream media.  Here we are, at the end of the year, and guess what?  In checking official CDC death rates going back to 2015, with the raging pandemic of Covid-19, we are still  BEHIND total death rate averages from 2015-2019.  Those death rates averaged approximately 2.8-2.9 million people per year.  A far cry from the college dropout, turned world's foremost vaccine expert, Bill Gates' initial projection of 33 million.  Not only that, but an even farther cry from Lord Anthony Fauci's initial prognostication of over 2 million deaths just in the United States alone.  This is even using the 2020's autopsy findings for things like car wrecks, heart attacks etc...  If you had a trace of Covid-19, voila!, guess what? Your death certificate said Covid-19 was the SOLE cause of death.  CDC statistics also state that an average of 2.6 co-morbidities existed for individuals recorded as Covid-19 deaths.  First time autopsies were recorded well AFTER the fact too.  Just had to get those numbers up!  No wonder five Deep State Governors ushered Covid-19 patients into nursing homes to help the death rate. But we have covered all that ad nauseum for readers in past articles.  Let's get back to Saint Fauci, he of the most recent proclamation, that a tremendous spike in cases was going to occur into January, but amazingly is going to start to flatten AFTER Inauguration date.  What's even more amazing, this is the same guy, whom it will be proven, directed $3.7 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology with the blessing of the previous administration.  Not only that, but this is the very same Lord Fauci who told a Georgetown University audience, NO DOUBT, the present administration will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during their presidency.  Saint Fauci might be one of the greatest prophets known to mankind since this prophecy was made in 2017.
As we have written before, follow the money and you will also find that the second company besides Pfizer, that's on the fast track for a Warp Speed vaccine, is one Moderna that Prince Gates and Saint Fauci stand to make $Billions of dollars on!  You really cant make this stuff up for those who want to see.  Check the online reports and very real video of the speech.  But the sheeple are no longer asleep, tens of millions are awake.  With that, we now move onto the 2018 Executive Order about Foreign Interference in elections.
There's no coincidence that the fake President Elect son's laptop mentioning China corruption was leaked out by military intelligence in October before the election.  It is also not a surprise that the lying mainstream national media and social media giants covered this fact up KNOWINGLY.  This is called election interference at the least, but complicity in sedition and treason at worst.  Now we find out from one of the biggest Deep State mouthpieces, Jake Tepper, that there IS AN INVESTIGATION after all that has been in effect well before the election on the fake President Elect's son after all.  Wonders never cease to exist!  Part one of the fake President Elect being compromised.  Not only that, but now we learn about Representative Swalwell having an intimate affair with a Chinese spy and money bundler for Washington politicians.  Furthermore, one illustrious Speaker of the House and Congressman Schiff KNOWINGLY knew about this too!  All you hear from the Deep State puppets is, "who leaked the story!"  Maybe a better question is, "Why!?" It does not end there though.  A big female California Committee Senator recently resigned from from the prestigious Intel Committee.  This is the very same Senator who employed as her driver, a Chinese spy for 19 years.  Look it up!  This is the same California female Senator that military intelligence has photos of, in the airport and in the assigned CCP limo in one Wuhan China on more than one occasion.  Oh, and this was before anyone ever heard about Covid-19.  One might think that would be the end of all things China when it comes to potential and inferred corruption and collusion.  On the heels of all this, an article just appeared in two of the few still reputable news sites, that identifies almost TWO million members of the Chinese Communist Party.  It also includes over 67,000 individuals residing in the U S.  If you were to guess these people are in the upper echelons of Fortune 500 companies and political staffs across the country, once again you get the prize.  Perhaps one might even be shocked to learn several are employed in executive management of one previously mentioned Pfizer.  Let's recap here by following the money and corruption.  
First, with the help of U S money, China develops the Covid-19 virus and helps bring it to the U S, but they also profit from the vaccine.  Good gig if you can get it.  Look for lots more on the China front in the very near future.  Things are about to go into overdrive with the 2018 Executive Order playing a major role.  This is about exposing the whole Deep State temple and then bringing it down on top of their heads!  Military Intelligence HAS IT ALL!  The election is far from over and you can't just make all these arrests without showing the people first, otherwise, it would look like political retribution. People in the know need to make email arrangements with their friends and methods of communication because Big Tech is on the verge of shutting down every dissenting voice on their Deep State controlled platforms.  This will include shutting down even POTUS's Twitter account.  They will try and push everyone, sheeple and those WOKE, to their lying mainstream national media.  1984 will be playing out before our very eyes and Gitmo was expanded to take care of this sedition and treason for a reason.  This author also thinks that some of the lying national media talking heads will be arrested as deep cover agents.  Buckle up and stay tuned as there will be an election series update very soon.
May God Bless America
Donald Michaels

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