Before we begin, this author's recommendation is to go back and read part one of Military Intelligence, and the four-part series concerning:  "This Is About The Election."  It will help tie the complete story together and underlying theme of Deep State corruption, not only in the United States, but worldwide as well.  With that as a backdrop, lets get into an update on one of the categories discussed in part one, namely political corruption.

As this is written, one of the biggest stings in history is being conducted concerning the recent presidential election.  Here's a newsflash to keep in mind: the national mainstream media, although they would like to think so, do NOT determine the winner of a presidential election by declaring it so by royal edict.  There is a little process set up in the Constitution called the Electoral College.  Once again, military intelligence is several steps ahead as hundreds of instances of documented voter fraud is being collected.  Even Al Gore thought he was president for 37 days, because the national mainstream media with all their propaganda influence said so.  Back in 2016 and since, one party continued to scream Russian meddling influenced the election.  Now, when claims of election fraud is claimed by the other party, suddenly, our electoral system is SOUND and tamper proof!   So which is it?  Regardless, both parties should be amiable to a transparent count of ALL the LEGAL votes... case closed!
Foundationally in 2016, military intelligence wanted to control the Senate, which they achieved.  The House was irrelevant because they planned on blocking every Deep State maneuver coming out of their chambers, like two of many jokes on the American people, which was the Mueller Report and farcical Ukraine impeachment proceedings to name a couple.  This presidential election outcome will ultimately go to SCOTUS to decide, and that's why the latest female justice was nominated and confirmed.  Even with the maverick Chief Justice in their corner, once again SCOTUS will go 5-4 to overturn the election results.
Now turning to the election fraud itself, in 2016 and 2018, military intelligence documented how it was done so they would be ready for 2020.  Over and over the American people and the world heard about the problems with mail in balloting.  Even today, ONE side talks about LEGAL votes being counted, with the OTHER side constantly proclaiming EVERY vote needs to be counted.  Why is that?  Any common sense at all will give you the answer as it relates to the overall corruption theme presented in these dissertations.  If you want to take the Deep State down, you have to dismantle their corrupt king and queen making electoral apparatus simply because of their gargantuan infiltration into everything, including politics. 
Just part of that infiltration involves the current Speaker's chief of staff being a very high ranking executive in Dominion Ballot Counting Systems, along with a LONG-TIME California female Senator's husband also being a major shareholder!  So why is that important one might ask?  Dominion has the election contracts with over 20 states and almost 700 key voting districts.  Surely, it was just a coincidence that computer glitches started occurring late on election night necessitating a delay in several State's counts, right?  We have already mentioned in previous articles how George Soros owns the company that provides over 70% of the voting machines nationwide.  This is the same corrupt Soros who is on record as stating, "It will be the culmination of my life's work to see the downfall of the United States."  The same George Soros that stated the current president, "is a temporary phenomenon and will be gone in 2020 IF NOT SOONER, during the elite gathering at Davos in 2019!"  This is also the same Soros who who was behind the collapse of at least three countries leading to his brainchild, the EURO currency, along with turning in his own Jewish blood to the Nazis who were hunting them down during the Holocaust (60 minutes interview for those who care to check).  The pure abject satanic evil of George Soros notwithstanding, as it stands right now, there are literally hundreds of screen captures from ALL the networks of key races across the nation, where one candidate would be updated with a precise number of votes, while the other candidate DECREASES by the EXACT number of the increase for their opponent.  That's very normal and statistically sound don't you think?  But this alone was not enough to pull off the coup as FAIR as that might sound.
Reiterating here and in part 4 of "This Is About The Election," there was a reason the count was halted in six key states with the current administration well on their way to over 300 plus Electoral College delegates.  The other side had to know the amount they were behind so the "data drops" could begin.  First, chipping away at the lead to change the narrative the next day for those who had went to bed, and then delivering a resounding victory as more and more VOTES were counted over DAYS.  Mind you, VOTES as NOT in LEGAL votes!  Again, we have already covered the numerous counties where 10's of thousands of votes were cast over and above the registered vote count etc...  Now comes word out of California that their governor is being questioned about a several MILLION ballot discrepancy favoring one candidate. In addition, on a smaller scale, the 14,000 dead people who cast votes in Wayne County Michigan is something to be proud of as well for the Deep State.  Oh, guess you have not heard about those yet from the lying national mainstream media?  The prediction from here is that you most certainly will eventually.  Please don't forget about the Department of Homeland Security watermark on LEGAL blank ballots, along with the invisible blockchain included, as these will become key in revealing the massive voter fraud effort as well. 
As previously alluded to, there was a reason the American people heard over and over about the mail-in ballot potential for catastrophe months in advance, and that China was printing up millions of ballots for select States.  Could that be why the Deep State lost Texas?  If memory serves correctly, the Chinese consulate after being expelled out of Houston a couple of months ago, was filmed burning small hills of documents in a very large bonfire on the consulate grounds.  That's why military intelligence also made sure one candidate, whos son had a special laptop, was revealed to the world as their final October surprise.  This same laptop that basically tied ALL their male family members to Ukraine and CHINA corruption!  Geez, that's right... another SMALL event many of the citizenry were  not allowed to hear about again by the lying national mainstream media and Big Tech censorship! Can you say election interference?  And lest we forget, the Speaker of the House's proclamation that, "China wants her candidate to win."  Say what!?  Guess we just chalk that one up to her other gem of a brain cramp, "we have to pass the legislation so we can read what's in it!"
In conclusion and trying to end this on a bible theme, this election is far from over.  Once the results are overturned, then the rioting starts.  That's when military intelligence will turn to The Insurrection Act and this time the riots will be over in a day's time, perhaps two with a little spillover taken into consideration.  It certainly didn't have to be this way, but clearly, this is a battle between good and evil.  Perhaps this nation can turn back to a time that our forefathers envisioned concerning this beloved America before the next election..."Vote JESUS!"  Now there's a real campaign slogan.
May God bless America
Donald Michaels

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