Let's hop right in on tying together our Election series Part 12, with our newest Military Intelligence update.  We will endeavor to fill in the loose ends on the teaser we concluded with, how do you LEGALLY introduce evidence that has clearly been denied so far by the Deep State system.   Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

With the Insurrection Act, Foreign Interference Executive Order and other laws and acts we have been discussing now in effect, let's talk about how the military intelligence and our great military has taken over the Capital/White House complex enclosed facility.  When the greatest sting in human existence has taken place, of course most of the public is not going to be aware of it OR the enactment of the Insurrection Act etc...  But there are telltale signs for those willing to research and look.  First, the now twice duly elected POTUS never conceded the election.  Second, he stated in his farewell address, "...we will be back in some form..." "...helped us put this miracle together..." "...we will see you SOON!"  If readers refer back to our last two updates in both series, we have intimated a NEW election on these pages.  This is exactly what the outgoing POTUS is referring to here.  The Patriot Party is being organized right now with the Federal Election Commission, and NO, it's not for 2024 as some think.  The military is in control right now for a short period and they will conduct a FAIR and LEGAL election, just like Jeff Bezos has in mind for his Amazon Union vote for employees.  NO mail-in ballots and LEGAL citizen ID required, along with LEGAL registered voters will be the ONLY attendees, as it should be.  But let's talk about this military claim now.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I can't remember hearing "Hail To The Chief" at the LIVE Inauguration?  Maybe it was on the one streamed to Spain 10 hours earlier.  Anyone can show a bunch of musicians dressed in razor sharp red uniforms in some hall playing.  There were live instruments there, so why wasn't it played?  Someone please explain the LIVE stream from the weather cam at Union Station that was pointed at the Capitol dated January 20, 2021 at 12:02 p. m.?  It shows a very OVERCAST sky there.  This was about the same time the fake president elect was squinting in the sun delivering his speech.  Gee, he had an Unconstitutional head start, having been sworn in AHEAD of time.  Wow, maybe it was cloudy in the version they saw 10 hours earlier in Spain?  So much Deep State fake photography and trickeration... I'm confused here.  And the Deep Staters have complained about all the deep fake videos and audio recordings they know are coming their way!     In addition, there was NO 21-gun salute to the fake president-elect.  Although, there was a gun salute at Arlington Memorial Cemetery, but guess what?  It was NOT a 21-gun salute either, but one reserved for a foreign dignitary (much more on foreign in later series articles) or funeral proceeding, due to the intervals and number of guns used.  Check out the video, firing intervals, along with the guns used and THEN check the ceremonial SOP (standard operating procedure) of the military.  Yep, foreign dignitary or funeral indeed.  That possibly explains more than one video of the fake commander-in chief's motorcade driving past scores of national guardsmen with their backs turned.  Last I knew, it was a requirement to stand at attention FACING POTUS.  In addition, maybe that's also why the fake president elect asked for a military plane to the inauguration, and was REFUSED, having to take a private charter instead!  In just one more coincidence, two requests for information from the Pentagon has been denied so far.  Furthermore, his staff has been asked not to visit anymore.  Let's see, since the fake president elect has signed some Executive Orders from the replica Oval Office with a HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY parking lot right outside with Secret Services cars parked (Checkmate), perhaps this administration has a replica Air Force One as well?  By the way, anyone seen those nuclear codes nearby in photo ops, or LIVE network coverage yet?  Gee, let's not pile on with the plethora of conspiracy coincidences though.  For you real conspiracy theorists out there, check out the closing of the iconic Standard Hotel in California (hello Schiff) and selling of the Bohemian Grove properties.  Unfortunately, very sick and EVIL things happened at both, but again we digress.

In a nutshell what has happened here is that the outgoing POTUS has turned over ALL the evidence of a seditious, insurrectionist and treasonous stealing of an election by the Deep State.  In what is essentially the world's largest open-air prison (Washington DC), the military is temporarily in charge (no matter what you are seeing on the complicit lying national MSM).  The good news is, we are going to get to vote again in an honest, open and fair election AFTER the military voids the stolen one.  This time, our votes REALLY WILL count no matter the state we live in!  The 14th Amendment will also be in play here in a HUGE way for those who care to check.  It has ALL the current Deep State buzz words being thrown around in preparation for the SECOND impeachment proceedings.  Now, we didn't forget our teaser question and it ties right in with this impeachment.  Do you think the duly elected landslide POTUS winner waited until the last possible instance to DECLASS EVERYTHING for a reason?

With that being said, let's bring this thing home.  How do you LEGALLY introduce evidence that has clearly been denied so far by the Deep State system?   In racking our brains about the coming communications blackout, we have written extensively of, can you imagine the PANIC IN DC when now DECLASSIFIED material can be used in POTUS's impeachment defense.  Once again, masterfully played by Military Intelligence in again one-upping the Deep State... what information, videos and audio can be presented by those representing POTUS for his supposed insurrection impeachment?  My oh my, can you imagine the Deep State RUSH to control/shut down the narrative through their lying, corrupt, seditious, insurrectionist and traitorous national MSM, along with their complicit Big Tech social media platforms!  Perhaps then, we finally get the EBS/EMS, Giant Voice messages we have also opined about.  Hash Tag, #The Great Awakening, #The World Is Watching, #Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, #WWG1WGA...

Simply this, Good triumphs over Evil... #GOD wins!

May GOD Bless America

Donald Michaels


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