This article continues to expand on our theory of the military having taken temporary control.  Please go back and read parts 11 and 12 of our Election and Military Intelligence articles to get the complete overview of where we are at presently.

With that being said, let's continue our further trip down the rabbit hole, while the White House and Washington Monument loses power for hours at a time.  Let's move along... nothing to see here!

We have already pointed out how the fake president-elect had to charter his own private plane to his faux inauguration, along with other instances backing our claim of the military not recognizing him as commander-in-chief.  So, lets now bring out some other examples that can still be found in the lying national MSM if one cares to look, backing up our fake president-elect claim.  In another LONG line of coincidences, the fake president-elect was locked out of the White House and left standing on the steps in a rather awkward photo op. Strange don't you think?  Now, on top of that, we find out the fake-vice president is NOT going to move into her Naval Observatory home provided for legitimate VP's for the foreseeable future, because of...wait for it...renovations and remodeling.  That's as good an excuse as any, while they continue to have their pressers and photo ops in Castle Rock Entertainment built sets.  Has anyone bothered to ask the press secretary why the change in venue?  Reporters are packed in like sardines, but hey, at least they sit in every other chair.  So much for social distancing. Anyone notice the fancy SLIDING wooden doors as the entry and exits?  How about the fake-president elect's vaccine presser where the SET used, had CURTAINS as entry and exits?  The view from here is, that this fake administration does not even have access to the White House, and it’s all being done on Hollywood constructed sets.  Before we leave though, check out the media footage on where they put the REAL press on Inauguration Day.  In what looks like a high rise building over a mile away overlooking the Capital, Fox/CBS/ABC/NBC (all the lying MSM) etc... are commenting on the proceedings.  According to the conversation and the film footage, its 25 degrees, windy and snowing, only that's NOT what was shown to the American people.  The OFFICIAL broadcast showed sunny and blue skies, with minimal wispy clouds on the taped broadcast to the American people, along with their Deep State controlled and unwitting sheeple!  It's there to see for anyone who cares to look and maybe just maybe, Eric Stakelbeck, the TBN middle east correspondent, might come clean on his network about it one day.  Nothing to see here so let's move on.

Not that you will hear this on the lying national MSM, but the leftover Inspector General Michael Horowitz, is initiating an investigation in a January 25 release.  Who cares?  In case you do, it’s about whether or not any current or former DOJ official in an improper attempt, had the DOJ seek to alter the outcome of the 2020 POTUS election.  Hmm...just another coincidental nothing burger!  Now for something TO see.  Check out the very recent "SAVE AMERICA" press release endorsing a female gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas.  Just another Hmm clue staring us right in the face.  Let's now touch on another emblem/seal that just recently made its initial public appearance as well.  Has anyone ever heard of the National Security Act of 1947?  Well, in comparing the brand spanking new seal that adorns the recently announced "Office of the Former President”, one will find striking similarities to a seal used for the National Security Act of 1947.  Another big so what, one might say.  It might not be prudent to dismiss that seal so fast.  The National Security Act of 1947 dealt with of all things, enacting major restructuring of the United States government's military and intelligence agencies following WW II.  Oh my, since we will be coming off an internal war where our great military is going to rid our country of seditious, insurrectionist and traitorous domestic/foreign controlled insurgents, one might say goodbye corrupt CIA, as we have opined in the past.  Remember, under the invoked Insurrection Act/Foreign Interference Executive Order/National Emergency, the military supersedes ALL the three letter agencies including CONGRESS!  Could a major restructuring of the corrupt, at the top FBI/DOJ, be in the cards as well?  Stay tuned.  More of the brilliant military intelligence plan unfolding right before our eyes for those with the clarity to see.  Before ending this particular train of thought, go research the seal used by the National Security Council and their role in advising POTUS.

If ANY citizen of this great country that had done a FRACTION of what has happened on both sides of the aisle in Washington DC, they would find themselves smack dab in jail for a long time.  Things like moving a server with classified documents to her home closet (HRC), selling 20% of our Uranium Supply to Russia thru the corrupt/child/human trafficking C. Foundation which belonged to the very same Secretary of State, weapons supply to ISIS for cash and the resulting death of a U S Ambassador, spying on a POTUS candidate (and Ted Cruz it will be revealed) that had its origins all the way to the White House, spending almost $50 million on a fake Russian collusion investigation (we WILL learn where most of that money really went as well), $BILLIONS$ in pay-for-play profits contained on a fake president-elect son's laptop with the very SAME corroborating emails contained on fellow Deep Stater's computers which implicated not only the fake president-elect's family (but the two-term chosen one messiah from Illinois' administration as well).  Now lest we forget, we are an equal opportunity corruption reporter.  Harken back to one past presidential candidate from Arizona.  The very same candidate that had Hollywood sound stage productions of fake beheadings on his laptop.  Yes, the very same individual who had numerous pictures with top Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders for those who care to look.  The same Senator who died from brain cancer, so they said.  Ah, but John Kasich has a very DIFFERENT version of events in a LIVE CNN interview for those in the know.  He mentioned a fate associated with treason, just to give you a hint.  So, what to do, when it seems everything in the world is lined up against you?  EVIL has suddenly turned into GOOD and GOOD is EVIL if you listen to the Deep State's lying national MSM bullhorn:  Believe US and not your eyes... don't (Q)uestion the narrative!  Oh, but there is ONE institution here on this earth that is still not corrupt!  It had/has a plan years in the making with GOD Almighty behind it.  Which brings us to the following scripture:  Isaiah 5:20 WOE unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  We have mentioned once before in this series, look up the full definition of WOE.

Let's close this out with two more little coincidences.  According to history, it seems the Mar-A-Lago was once envisioned as a Winter White House... we kid you not!  If you also guessed there is a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) there, you would also be correct.  Wow, one wonders if the nuclear codes the fake president-elect NEVER seems to have close to him, might be there as well?  Please keep in mind, the Department of Defense's Law of War manual that we wrote about, along with the Insurrection Act/Foreign Interference in Elections Executive Order, ALL lay the groundwork for the military keeping their constitutional oath!  Our great men and women who go out and lay down their lives throughout our history of the greatest nation on earth, CANNOT and WILL NOT let this continue.  Their oath is to the CONSTITUTION and defending against all enemies both foreign AND domestic.  If the Deep State were truly in control with their fake president-elect, then General Michael Flynn's brother would have NEVER been selected to command the U S Army Pacific.  Let that sink in after the almost four-year persecution of what will go down in history as one of America's greatest patriots!  GOD wins now in this writer's opinion, but most definitely in the end. 

May GOD Bless America

Donald Michaels


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