Since the latest Election series article went a little over on the verbiage, we will try our best to keep this one a little shorter.  With that, let's go a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

Well, if you or I would have lied to a FISA court by changing documentation, most times we would looking at significant jail time in a non-corrupt judicial system.  But under present day circumstances, that turns out not to be the case.  Just in case you didn't know, the FISA judges are appointed and overseen by the SCOTUS Chief Justice.  Uh oh, this is the same compromised SCOTUS Chief Justice who flew on Jeffrey Epstein's plane and had a shall we say, a questionable (illegal most would say) adoption of children arranged for him by one Epstein.  More on the SCOTUS Chief Justice later, but let's continue with the sham decision recently rendered.  Kevin Clinesmith was given 400 hours of community service for altering documentation to help begin the Mueller Report by illegally SPYING on Carter Page through the FISA warrant process.  Surveil is such a nice word, so let's call it what it was.  Not to belabor the point, but ANY non-Deep State minion would have received year(s) for doing likewise.  Let's list four others who have been proven to be guilty of, at the very least sedition, and at the very worst treason!  You have two corrupt FBI FISA supervisors who got promoted (Joe Pientka & Jen Boone) and Andrew McCabe, along with James Comey, who have so far gotten off Scott-Free.  Is it any wonder patriots believe in two set of rules for the Deep State, and the rest of us, was just hammered home one more time by the FBI/DOJ?  And we would be remiss here, if not mentioning ole coup plotting traitor, Peter Strzok.  It seems his wife was just promoted to SEC Acting Director of their Division of Enforcement.  Perhaps she can help the current White House press secretary's BROTHER, out of his hedge fund predicament.  Oh, you haven't heard of GameStop and CERTAIN hedge funds losing $BILLIONS, with the current administration pressuring for a TRADING HALT?   Gee talk about friends in high places. Well, the coincidences just keep on a coming!  We really have no duty to follow such a corrupt system, but the military is getting ready to rectify all this.

With that being said, the upcoming and planned for 2nd impeachment by military intelligence, is about to begin.  In preparation, the great mayor of DC has asked for even MORE troops.  At last count, only TWO national guardsmen have been sent home after being VETTED.  See, the military swears an oath to protecting the Constitution from BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC enemies!  Once again, bait taken hook line and sinker by the Deep State.  The impeachment is going to backfire tremendously on them.  First, the coming Patriot Party is going to become even stronger in its foundation for a certain persecuted political figure.  Second, it further erodes both Deep State controlled parties, Democrats and Republicans.  What you are really watching happen in real time, is the systematic destruction of the old guard Deep Staters, both Jackasses and Elephants!  Most importantly though, defense evidence can be offered up on almost anything.  Could there be election fraud, or video and audio of true insurrection and treason?  Maybe ole John Durham might make an appearance!?  Or maybe, FISA court corruption could be presented as well?  Wonder if that's why the highly compromised SCOTUS Chief Justice excused himself from presiding as stated in the Constitution?  Just things that make you go HMM.  Be careful what you wish for Deep State, for it could come back to bite you mightily.  As we have opined previously, EVERYTHING was declassified and is now in the public realm.  Although you would never know this by the lying national MSM suppressing it, much like they have Anthony Weiner and Hunter Biden's laptops.  My oh my, this has the potential to make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.  Maybe, it might even be dubbed Global Bowl Seventeen?  A little play on a key number that seems to pop up all over the place, now that the Deep Staters think they are in control!  Speaking of "football", anyone seen those nuclear codes with the fake president-elect Joey B yet?

Enough on all those coinky dinks already, lets revisit Mar-A-Lago now... the estate that was initially envisioned as the Winter White House.  Further research reveals that it has three bomb shelters, in addition to the already reported SCIF it contains.  Another hmm is in order here.  Not to mention last week, as the former POTUS was walking off the golf course there, one patron was seen thanking him for his service to the country, to be followed by, "Thank you... we aren't finished yet."  Maybe that's what all this impeachment is about?  Could there still be PANIC IN DC?  Maybe, like the two-term chosen one/messiah from Illinois HAD in place, could there possibly be a "shadow presidency"?  So many questions to ponder!  Now, on top of that, comes this little nugget.  From the website, Flag and Seal, Seat of Government, and The States...Chapter 3: 871... In the case of a prevalence of a contagious or epidemic disease at the seat of government, the President may permit and direct the removal of any or ALL the public offices to such other place or places as he shall deem most safe and convenient to conduct the public business.  (July 30, 1947, Ch. 389, 61, Stat 643.)  Seems to me, that's a BIG HMM, considering we are STILL in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY from the PLANdemic.  If all the Acts and Executive Orders we have sited through this series are indeed in effect, along with the National Emergency which gives POTUS far more powers than ordinarily, then this is truly a military intelligence plan YEARS in the making!  Let's see what the Super Bowl and Global Bowl 17 brings us.

May GOD Bless America.

Donald Michaels


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