As a quick recap, this is another update about the ongoing battle between Military Intelligence and the Deep State.  As these two series about The Election and Military Intelligence/Deep State continue to intertwine, let's get into the meat of this update as there are several things to cover here while our seemingly reliable methods of communication still exist.  With that being said, "reliable methods" is quickly disappearing under a "1984" style of totalitarian government that is trying to be put in place right in front of our eyes.  With the current POTUS Twitter account being disabled and thousands of supporter's accounts being silenced by deletion on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and now even Twitter alternative Parlor, what we have left is a scene right out of the classic novel 1984.  As previously stated in Part 3 of this series, then, it was called, "The Ministry of Truth," and under the old USSR it was called, " The Department of Agitation and Propaganda."  Of course, the Nazi's called it, "The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda".  Today, sadly it's called Big Tech suppression and censorship of the First Amendment with their corrupt lying Mainstream National Media partners in crime, along with criminal fact checkers.

So why was POTUS's Twitter account deleted after being suspended for 12 hours?  In his second to last tweet, he stated, “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”  We underlined GIANT VOICE here because this is huge clue to patriots and supporters of the military's continued involvement in this matter!  More on that a bit later, but let's harken back a few years, in dipping our toes into the seemingly bottomless Deep State swamp waters.  Remember when Deep State candidate of choice George Bush Jr. was elected?  Then, the other side constantly screamed dissent was patriotic.  When their candidate of choice afterwards, the two-term chosen one Illinois messiah was elected, suddenly any dissent was racist.  Now, dissent over the past four years of their coup attempt is not only patriotic again, but most definitely compulsory.  Not only that, but the current POTUS is racist, along with now being treasonous as well!  But covered in our last Election series piece, the tables are about to be turned on them.  As we alluded to, the bait was taken hook line and sinker.  You hear the Deep State swamp rats on both sides of the aisle mentioning those words of sedition, treason and insurrection.  By doing so, they and their lying national MSM is helping to clue in America just what it looks like in their hypocritical eyes.  Hypocritical because, while their planned and planted Antifa thugs dressed as POTUS supporters were storming the Capital eliciting all this talk, nary a word was said about all the riots, looting, burning of small businesses, destruction of FEDERAL monuments and property etc... that was going on last year.  Uh, until a little 20 second mention by the fake president-elect at the DNC, and then only after two lying national mainstream media mouthpieces (Lemon and Cuomo) finally mentioned it!  Not only that, but protestors who wailed at the Supreme Court door and took over Senator Grassley's office were praised by the Deep State lying and hypocritical national MSM talking heads during a SCOTUS judge confirmation.  But they think we are just stupid sheeple and nothing else.  More and more people are becoming WOKE to the Deep State playbook.  They are about to find out what real sedition, treason and insurrection feels like after the 2018 Foreign Interference in Elections and the THE Insurrection Act are invoked.

But let's get back to the military here.  We have continuously talked about them and special ops throughout this series.  Would it surprise one, that 12 laptops from our Congressional representatives who were elected to follow the Constitution and represent We The People, were confiscated during a storming of the Capital False Flag Deep State staged event by these very same special ops military personnel?  Maybe it might also surprise people, that one of the laptops and cell phones came right out of our illustrious Speaker's own office.  Special Ops has been infiltrating the Deep State foot soldiers known as Antifa and BLM for a few years waiting for this moment in time.  Can you say Panic In DC?  Just another reason for the RUSH to get the current POTUS out of office by Impeachment, 25th Amendment, life threatening accident (read into that what you will but the Clintons know a lot about that subject) etc...  I think we used to call it, by hook OR, most definitely in this case... CROOK!  In case of the inevitable conspiracy baloney that will be associated with this claim, check out the sworn affidavit from Lieutenant General McInerney and subsequent interviews about said affidavit.  Oh, just don't look on the lying national mainstream media about it, because you won't find it there.  It's called suppression, much like what happened with the fake president-elect son's laptop containing the national security threat information about his Dad and Ukraine/China, before the rigged POTUS election took place.  Uh, one might also like to check out the sworn affidavit from Judge Alfio D'Urso of The Supreme Court of Italy.  Seems he corroborates our little Leonardo satellite system nugget mentioned in the last update, regarding the sworn testimony and protective custody of the Chief Technology Officer.  This individual will NOT commit suicide like Jeffrey Epstein (never happened) and WILL testify to the MILLIONS of votes switched from the fake president-elect to the supposed outgoing POTUS, all while routed to and from servers that were confiscated by special ops in Frankfurt Germany, as we also reported earlier.  In addition, he just might be asked about the Vatican's alleged major ownership stake of Leonardo as well.  Like we said, PANIC IN DC!  They KNOWINGLY committed the real sedition and treason, and accordingly KNOW what's coming their way.

It does not make any difference that Queen Nancy ran to General Milley (he reports directly to POTUS) about the current President using the nuclear codes BS to start a war with China, because the current now twice-elected POTUS thinks they cost him the November election.  Whatever reason the Deep State swamp rats on both sides of the aisle come up with, the current President KNOWS China and at least three NATO allies cost him the election.  As far as war goes, as we have stated several times before, that's all you heard from the Deep State politicians and lying national MSM for over three years.  Let's see now, war with North Korea, Turkey, Syria, Iran etc... ad nauseam...NOPE!  Let's play poker here Nancy... guarantee the Insurrection Act is invoked before you can use Impeachment, 25th Amendment or possible life-threatening accident.  In fact, it may have already been invoked.  The domestic terrorist insurgents, Republican and Democrat, are STILL hole up in DC and did not disburse (see earlier interpretation).  Look for a steady drip of declassification of almost EVERYTHING, with the highest of classifications.  The Deep State fears this the most over the next few weeks with the public. As we have explained, the Deep State forced the world into the PLANdemic using a biological attack (China virus/Covid-19), thus giving POTUS National Emergency powers.  Forget the DOJ, FBI, CIA and all the other compromised alphabet agencies.  They don't count anymore under a National Emergency and Insurrection Act.  Once this Act is invoked, military/national guard and special ops have PLENARY authority.  Of course, the lying national MSM will try and spin, and millions will not accept this.  They will call POTUS a dictator, blah blah blah.  Get ready for that.  But once the EMS system is activated, the unfiltered truth will get out to We The People.  In fact, don't be shocked if CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the first arrests and Twitter is taken over under a National Emergency as a strategic communications UTILITY.  It can happen.  If it doesn't pan out that way, we earlier mentioned GIANT VOICE.  Well, here we go again with just one more military piece of the puzzle clue.

The giant voice is an integrated mass notification system installed on Department of Defense installations.  With the push of a button, this system can rapidly deliver clear and intelligible voice commands to base personnel regardless of whether they are inside or outside of a building.  Now, this author does not think a country-wide martial law declaration is coming, but there will be just that in select cities and areas of the country because of the planned for rioting that will occur.  Reiterating here, this is just one more military hint from a supposed outgoing POTUS in one of his last tweets.  With all that being said, and IF all this information/evidence does indeed exist, then why hasn't there been arrests already many would ask?  There is a simple answer for that.  You can tell people all you want and there are still millions who will not believe.  You have to SHOW the people.  This whole series has been about taking the Deep State down and that means their entire power apparatus.  You have to let them commit the crime, along with the entire act of their own insurrection, sedition and treason.  Make no mistake here, this is no longer about politics, but it IS a battle of GOOD vs EVIL!  A small group of very powerful military intelligence patriots have spent years putting this plan and alternatives together.  They recruited the current POTUS with all his obvious imperfections and baggage.  But, love for country, founding fathers, Constitution and patriotism carried the day in his decision.  He is the most hated president ever according to the national MSM (but they are a vast minority compared to the 90,000,000 plus votes he received) The sheeple are brainwashed into only thinking they ARE the majority. 

The chaos is about to begin as this article is being penned on January 10.  As long as the internet is still functioning in the country, updates will be provided.  Prayer here is of the utmost importance, but NEVER FEAR.  Whichever way this turns out, believers in Jesus know who ultimately wins in the end!

May God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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