For those readers of these Election/Military Intelligence & The Deep State series, the clock is ticking down, and we do not mean as in Tic Tok (the CCP owned surveillance app that has swept America in popularity).  With that being said, we need to get right into this update.  Over the next several days as we have alluded to throughout this series, there will either be arrests of very high-profile politicians/elites on everything from corruption, sedition, insurrection and treason, along with the Great Awakening transcending everything the Deep State has seduced the world with over the past decades, or Joey B. will be inaugurated as POTUS.  Readers know our feelings.  America is a special place set aside by Almighty God, bestowed with the highest aspirations for its people, even if the founding fathers' vision has been hijacked and greatly manipulated along the way.  Fast forward to the present and the attempt to first steal an election from a twice duly elected president, along with 75 million voters (it will be proven closer to 90 million), and then silence them in one fell swoop reeks of desperation on the part of the Deep State.  After all, the current POTUS is supposedly exiting the stage in approximately one week, as this update is being penned on January 13.  Again, something just doesn't add up.  We logically ask, what's the RUSH here with the 2nd Impeachment and 25th Amendment talk (more on that later)?  Methinks they doth protest too much.  Or, we have stated previously, instead of something being rotten in Denmark, replace that with Washington DC, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Vatican to name just a few!  All the other Deep State fraud we have pointed out in this series notwithstanding, the current ugliness and corruption that has emerged around the electoral process is reminding true American patriots that the good fight is worth the effort and struggle, because to give in to EVIL would be to forsake God's land.  

So, with the above as a brief introduction to set the stage, here's the meat and connecting of dots.  The current POTUS represents the greatest existential threat the Deep State has faced since JFK.  That in combination, with what they KNOW is coming, is fueling the RACE to get him out yesterday!!  What if Congress KNEW about the Italian affidavits admitting the Vatican controlled Leonardo satellite system was the final piece of the puzzle to the election STEAL?  Is it any wonder that a Deep State staged storming of the Capital was needed for many reasons in retrospect?  A distraction was needed to delay everything until the wee hours of the morning.  Add to that the FACT that VP Pence specifically changed the wording for the Electoral College certification for the states from the past FOUR certifications in 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017.  A little ad lib?... made its way in as the VP stated for the record, "that the parliamentarian's advised me is the ONLY certificate of vote from that state that purports to be a return form that state that has annexed to it a certificate from an authority of that state purporting to appoint or ascertain electors."  This effectively shut down the dueling slate of electors with only two states being heard.  Don't just take this author's word, research it for yourself.  Not a shock that the fix was in, but especially after the Deep State's Antifa led Capital storming provided an excuse for their swamp rat Republicans to have an out to deviate from this line of objection.  Key to remember, they STILL KNOWLINGLY certified fraudulent results!  Funny thing happened along the way with this plan.  First, Nancy P's laptop was confiscated by special ops.  Second, FISA warrants work both ways and she foolishly contacted the VP about the 25th Amendment and General Milley about the nuclear codes.  Who knows what deal or offer was talked about?  Many have and are still being surveilled by the same FISA warrant system that was used to spy early on against the present administration.  Trap set, bait taken and wrapped up with sedition, insurrection and treason charges.  Take your pick but this author will settle for just simple treason. Oh, and before we leave the subject of our illustrious Speaker, did you know that JFK once asked for an FBI investigation into her father's ties to organized crime?  Don't believe me but check out the FBI site for yourself.  This is just the continuing drip of corruption information coming out on the Deep Staters and will build through the rest of this month. 

As previously alluded to, the military has taken an oath to defend the Constitution, and we are in a national emergency.  Strange, just this week, one has been declared for Washington DC, along with several other states...hmmm.  With all the backdrop we have presented over these past months, Military intelligence, when State Secrets and HIGH TREASON are involved, supersede anything!  That includes Congress, FBI, DOJ, CIA etc... and has been upheld by SCOTUS when it wasn't compromised in an earlier landmark case.  As we have stated, there is no way that a compromised national security threat will be allowed to be sworn in as POTUS!  Now, speaking of oaths and military, one more coinky dink just happened.  The current POTUS just named a new head of Homeland Security, one Peter Thomas Gaynor.  And if you would have guessed he was a former Marine, you would be correct.   Furthermore, continuing with the military theme, how do you move thousands of National Guardsmen across the country with little to no fanfare?  Well, you have a Deep State Mayor request it in one instance.  In a moment of amazing epiphany, Mayor Muriel Bowser requested their presence for the upcoming Inauguration.  Forget the fact she shut down hotels and motels to them during the summer of love riots in DC and wanted no part of them.  Once again, bait taken hook line and sinker as thousands of troops are in our Nation's Capital with the fence walls built all around.  Remember, they supposedly don't work on our southern border, but we digress.  There will be further Deep State false flag events in cities throughout the country, but our military is already deployed to take care of them, courtesy of years of planning.  There might even be an incident involving China on the horizon, as just ONE more executive order was signed regarding that country this week as well, addressing companies that support CCP military.  Call me skeptical, but the current POTUS is not looking like someone who is getting ready to transfer power to a China controlled puppet as the new POTUS... just a hunch.  Add to this, it might behoove one to take in the significance of the current POTUS speech from the Alamo this week.  What state eventually won their independence from Mexico?  What country is getting ready to win their independence from the Deep State? After all, the lying national MSM and Big Tech has helped much of America now KNOW what sedition, insurrection and even their version of treason, look like the past week.  Military Intelligence certainly thanks the Deep State bullhorn for their help! 

Let's talk a little bit now about the lying and corrupt national MSM and Big Tech.  How do you combat this juggernaut?  The view from here is two ways.  First, the FCC just put out a notice last week that they are required by Federal Law to broadcast ANY emergency broadcast or emergency alert.  Any refusal to do this, means they violated Federal Law and can be taken over, because we are still in a National Emergency from the China induced biological attack called Covid-19.  Even now, Apple and Google are rolling out updates to their phones that will disable any such emergency alert.  Just add them to the list of seditious, insurrectionist traitors as well, but don't feel sorry for them.  Once again, just one more example of Deep State controlled companies being allowed to follow the Rule of Law.  Will they?  Not likely, but can you say Federal Public Utilities?  Second, suppose the Deep State pulls off a Continental U S blackout of communications as we have suggested may well happen.  Military intelligence has the EMS, Giant Voice and backdoors into communications satellites.  In addition to the EMS, think real-time news controlled by Military Intelligence, along with a brand spanking new VIDEO STREAMING platform.  Did you think all the Deep State cronies like Schiff, Schumer, Romney, Flake, and the two-time Illinois messiah POTUS, were complaining about deep-fake videos and audio recordings for nothing the past 18 months?!  Look for these platforms to deliver the unedited and unadulterated truth about the Deep Staters.  The citizenry might even get to learn about adoptions and real countries of citizenship.  Get the popcorn ready!  Speaking of popcorn, perhaps the nation might also mark January 19 on their calendars.  It seems that multiple docket cases and information are going to be released by the SDNY judge presiding over the Ghislaine Maxwell case involving MANY "Does".  You can rest assured some of these names will involve a few KEY Deep State politicians/elites.  Oh my, could it also involve some of those involved in sedition, insurrection and treason?  After all, they say timing is everything! 

In conclusion, the Joint Chiefs of Staff just issued a statement this week.  In just one more coincidence, let's paraphrase here.  It states they will honor their oath to defend the Constitution from ALL foreign and domestic enemies.  It also addressed sedition, insurrection and treason.  Thank you, Deep State, for the lesson.  Look for FISA, Human/Child Trafficking and High Treason to take center stage the rest of this month... a trifecta of movies if you will.  The view from here is also a delay in the Inauguration.  More than one POTUS has been inaugurated after January 20.  Although we have as a nation, and others worldwide, unwittingly pledged their allegiance to the Deep State flag of disguised pure evil, there are some who NEVER hinted at what they really felt.  Now, these true patriots have taught their sons and daughters well.  For some in the great military will rise up and fight for our freedom from the satanic evil Deep State, while the country and world stood still and allowed the takeover.  If you listen closely, you can hear them coming, for they have not listened to the Deep State church and everything they told them.  Instead, they believe in God and the High Command, on guard for the very principals our founding fathers wrote of in the Constitution.  The military was the last resort and only way.  Please pray for our men and women of the military about to undertake this mission. 

May God Bless America 

Donald Michaels


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