As we laid out in our military intelligence series latest article, things are really going to heat up now on a much grander scale.  As previously stated, military intelligence and the present administration are about to unveil to the American people much greater and specific details of voter fraud, in what went down as the greatest POTENTIAL theft of an election in world history!  Notice the word "potential" here because that's all it is at this point.  This election is still far from over after numerous Senators and Representatives will protest on January 6.  With that being said, let's go over key elements of events to date.  We laid out paths to victory previously and what could be done moving forward, and this current article is being written on January 5.  They are as follows: 

  1. Article 2 and Article 3 and the 12th Amendment after number 4 below, if VP Pence rejects the 7-battleground state's slate of electors
  2. Texas Case not being heard because of a compromised SCOTUS Chief Justice and an accomplice judge, of which there are recorded conversations conspiring to keep the present administration from a second term.  (Don't be shocked if one or even two resignations happen before January 20th, as there have been some damning allegations made that have not been challenged yet by the SCOTUS incumbents!)  Perhaps the reason why is discovery, which is a powerful arbiter of the truth, regardless of what the lying national media wants the sheeple to hear and not hear.
  3. The civil, criminal, and federal courts (even SCOTUS) are being allowed to fail in almost every instance, although this can be reversed with ONE single case reaching SCOTUS.
  4. Dueling electors from seven battleground states which will necessitate hearings which must be held after the Electoral College is most likely not certified on January 6th, but well could be KNOWINGLY certified.  Even if the Electoral College is certified, there is a remedy for that as well which will be discussed last.  This is the option least preferred by military intelligence but WILL be carried out so stay tuned.  Remember still, Hawaii was decertified in the Nixon vs Kennedy election AFTER the fact, so there is precedent.
  5. The 2018 Executive Order allowing for a rejection of elections due to foreign interference, along with the delayed DNI report on foreign interference.
  6. State Legislatures had, and still have a major role still yet to play under our Constitution if the right thing is done on January 6.
  7. The Insurrection Act 

     Now with the Insurrection Act mentioned, we get to the last pathway/remedy to rectify the KNOWING certification of false election results.  Can you say sedition and treason?  On December 10, 2020 another under the radar Executive Order was signed addressing  the following officials of the Department of Defense, in the order listed, shall act as and perform the functions and duties of the office of the Secretary of Defense (Secretary) during any period in which the Secretary has died, resigned, or otherwise become unable to perform the functions and duties of the office of the Secretary, until such time as the Secretary is able to perform the functions and duties of that office:  Once again, curious timing on the part of an administration that supposedly has lost and on their way out!

     Why is this important one may ask?  We have previously mentioned in this series of articles a certain General Milley who reports DIRECTLY to POTUS as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Beginning January 6 and continuing until January 20, a lot more specific and much larger instances of how the election was stolen will be revealed.  It will be a tidal wave of revelation that the lying national mainstream media will keep from the sheeple as best they can.  There is but one problem.  Key people who take their oaths seriously to defend this nation from domestic and foreign threats (terrorists) stand ready to DO THEIR DUTY!  They are NOT, and let's repeat... NOT going to let a very real and very dangerous national security threat take the Oval Office...period.  The same thing would have happened had HRC won in 2016.  Their oaths do not permit it and they would have then and WILL NOW take action.  Remember, Milley is only ONE of FOUR military officers who had their Oval Office picture taken with the current POTUS upon his 2016 election, who still remain.  It will be messy this time but would have been a whole lot messier with HRC being removed.  Years have gone into this plan and our nation is on the cusp of what we have aptly dubbed, The SECOND American Revolution. 

     We would once again suggest re-reading Judge Kavanaugh's military line of questioning during his SCOTUS confirmation hearings.  The present administration will have given every chance possible to Congress, Courts including SCOTUS and State Legislatures to do the right thing.  Tens of millions of Americans have seen and will see this play out at the highest levels until the Inauguration.  If it comes right down to it, federal criminal, and military intelligence cases in progress currently, will drop EVIDENCE classified at the HIGHEST levels upon the public.  Admittedly, a LAST resort, but those who took their oaths seriously and love this country would have NO choice in the matter.  Duty before Deep State corruption!  The Republican and Democratic swamp creatures who have KNOWINGLY went along with this four-year sedition and treasonous coup attempt of a now TWICE duly elected POTUS, is getting ready to face the military justice music.  The military was really the only way forward!  Military In "TELL" igence will then carry the ball with evidence the lying national mainstream media will not be able to spin, no matter how they try!  Once revealed, there is no turning back.  As another pre-cursor to the military's role, another National Guard Judge Advocate was just named U S Attorney for the State of Georgia by the present administration.  His name is Bobby L. Christine, and in another amazing coincidence, he is a Brigadier General in the National Guard.  In just another coinky dink, he is also an Iraqi war veteran who prosecuted that war's very first court martial.  That Master's Degree from the U S Army's War College might come in very handy in the military justice scenario many of these Deep Stater's are going to find themselves in.    Case in point here, do you think the lying Georgia Governor and his Secretary of State wing man in election crime are shaking in their shoes?  What idiot would record a call with POTUS of all people, and then release an edited version to the lying mainstream national media to spin?  Geez, these seditious and traitorous Deep State swamp rats are just plain stupid, but we digress!  We still think the Internet and Big Tech social media platforms go dark trying to funnel what's left of the Sheeple to their lies by the national mainstream media.  No one else pays attention to the lying mainstream national media anymore.  Proof of that lies in the 12-year run of the Illinois messiah as the world's most admired man, replaced by the current POTUS who tied Dwight D. Eisenhower for most votes ever.  Shockingly, a fake president-elect who hid in his basement could ONLY garner THIRD place.  And the lying mainstream national media wants you to still believe he got 80 million plus votes!  The Deep State controlled Washington Post reports approximately 66% of the nation's registered voters cast their ballots this year.  With several sources also stating there are approximately 214 million registered voters, where did the fake president-elect come up with the almost 10 million discrepancy if the current POTUS got approximately 75 million LEGAL votes?  We will let all the mathematicians and statisticians out there ponder that one.  Here's a double ended clue to consider.  One of the last trump cards is about to be played and someone very unexpected is about to rise from the ashes! 

     In closing, do not feel one iota of pity to the Deep State politicians on both sides of the aisle, for they did this to themselves.  The Constitution is the highest law of the land and holds the way forward.  It is in the process of being shown and revealed to tens of millions of Americans. Just as an aside, check out how the National Guard and Military can be used during the Insurrection Act and who controls them?  Tomorrow is what could be the SECOND shot heard around the world.  Hold the line patriots and digital soldiers, for we are living in the most exciting times since Jesus walked the earth! 

May God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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