We needed to enter some final thoughts and connecting of dots about the fraudulent November POTUS election, in preparation for the NEW and improved election that will happen later this year.  Most of the reasoning and theory behind this new election will be covered in the Military Intelligence & The Deep State newest series article, so please stay tuned whilst we grease the skids here so to speak.  With that being said, let's get started.

It seems all the conspiracy theorists out there and this author as well, who stated that Covid-19 was all about the election, just may be proven correct after all.  Things like, the virus is just going to disappear after the election were dismissed, as just that, conspiracy.  Everyone with a brain cell knew that it was not going to go away the very next day after the inauguration, but my oh my, how things are lining up to make the fake president-Elect look like a superhero.  All this while he continues to spout off about "Dark Winter" and sign executive orders from a fake Oval Office (more on that later)!  It seems the WHO (World Health Organization) conveniently announced three things just days after a partially ?taped/live? POTUS inauguration event (stay tuned on that as well).  Lo and behold, the WHO just decreed from on high that there were NEW & IMPROVED rules concerning PCR tests for Covid-19.  Why might that be some of the sheeple might be asking?  They now want the cycle level of test machines tested and lowered.  Therein lies the answer to the question, lower cycle levels mean lower positives, which also results in drastically LOWER numbers.  In addition, the WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control) have NOW admitted the tests were really FAULTY on many occasions after all, up to a 40% error rate no less.  This revelation comes LESS than one hour after the fake president-elect was sworn in.  You really can't make this stuff up.  Right on cue, studies are being released that cases and hospital stays have dropped over 30%.  As this article is being written on Sunday evening, Why THIS week?  It's plain to see, even for a sheeple!  Furthermore, adding to the very real Covid-19 virus/bad cold, but tremendously over-hyped fear porn concerning it by the lying national MSM, we have yet another startling coincidence.  Would you believe that the Deep State controlled California Governor, Illinois Governor, Chicago/Washington DC Mayors, and even King Andrew Cuomo of New York to name just a FEW, have finally decided to stop violating the Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE's rights...  by changing their minds and opening up the schools/economy asap?  Oh, it is true, it's darn TRUE.  Thank your fake president-elect for rescuing us while you continue to spout about, "the worst is ahead of us", "Dark Winter" etc... ad nauseum nonsense and violating your own mask mandate on Federal land.  Although you really need a war (the Deep State is second to none in creating endless wars) to bring the economy down and have an excuse for the planned financial collapse, your other afore mentioned Deep State controlled politicians are trying their best to set you up to look really great.  If that were not enough, thirdly, Jamie Metzl (WHO advisor and Deep State MSM mouthpiece) also just admitted that the Corona/Covid-19 did indeed start in a Chinese Lab and the "wet market theory was a flat lie."  You don't say!  Saint Fauci better be on high alert because of the $3.7 million he directed to the Wuhan lab by way of 44th Deep State POTUS's direction, as we had previously written.  Shame on all those crazy doctors who were censored/banned/de-licensed for trying to tell the American people the truth about all the above FACTs concerning Covid-19.  Purely conspiracy though we're sure!  But enough on Covid-19.  Let's get to the Inauguration production we mentioned.

For those who care, look up Castle Rock Entertainment.  They have a knock off replica of the Oval Office which the fake president elect used to sign the "day after” Executive Orders.  If they have not already taken the pictures down off the complicit and lying national MSM sites MSNBC/CNBC, check out the two cars and parking lot RIGHT OUTSIDE the Oval Office windows.  These people really are stupid.  If you can find the NBC video clip, if its still up and not edited, you will notice one of the cars for a split second.  If you care to see what the REAL Oval Office looks like, look at some of the daytime signing of legislation and Executive Orders from the twice duly elected (by a landslide) but outgoing/gone POTUS.  This author can assure you, there are NO automobiles parked in a parking lot right outside the Oval Office!  There are plenty of DAYTIME pictures for you to peruse to prove it.  It's laughable to think the lying national MSM would even try to pull something like this over on the American people.  Unfortunately, there are millions of sheeple who believe and hang on every lying word and over a corrupt 98% of what they want you to see and hear.  Now, let's get to the really good stuff.  Would it surprise one to learn the Inauguration was streamed live over 10 hours EARLY to a certain country overseas?  Perhaps that's how they caught the different color ladies' shoes in BOTH events (there and here) and disappearing teenagers right behind the fake president elect's side view that was shown as LIVE to the American people and sheeple.  Don't believe me, go look at the Inauguration footage on White House site.  Although they did a masterful job on the audio, the two teenagers magically disappear when the camera angle changes to show a front view of the fake president-elect.  Nah, that's just conspiracy theory from some sore losers surely!  We don't even want to mention the FACT that the fake president elect was sworn in over 10 Minutes EARLY on the ?LIVE? broadcast the United States was treated to.  Can you say Unconstitutional?  And not to mention the FACT that he took his hand OFF the bible before the compromised Chief Justice even finished the oath?  And what is the VP's problem with putting her hand ACTUALLY ON the Bible?  Does anyone care that she put her clutch purse on top of the Bible, so she didn't have to touch it?  Perhaps it has something to do along the philosophical lines of the two-term chosen one Deep State messiah from Illinois, when his second term's oath of office was taken on the Koran/Quran on TOP of the HOLY Bible.  Many people believe that EVIL wants to have nothing to do with GOOD, but surely this is just another in a long line of coincidences.  Many will be shocked when they finally learn just how many Deep State politicians on both sides of the aisle, also worship Satan.  Some very openly do so, if you care to monitor their jewelry, pins, pendants, rings etc....while they are bloviating from the House and Senate on CSPAN.  Before closing this out, we would be remiss if not mentioning just ONE more giant TELL about the lying, hypocritical Deep State.  One Jeff Bezos of Deep State Amazon, just announced they didn't want their workers voting on unionization by mail, because: "mail-in voting just wouldn't be valid or fair!"  Unbelievable, and the sheeple lapped up the Deep State excuse for POTUS election mail-in balloting, so they could cheat and steal it.

We could go on here, but let's close with a little teaser about the upcoming POTUS election this year.  A Federal Election Commission form was just filed on January 22, 2021.  It's for a political entity called the Patriot Party and their fundraiser. Guess what the committee filing it is titled?  The twice duly elected POTUS who just left office "For President."  Surely, surely just another coincidence.  To get the rest of this theory, you will have to tune into the next Military Intelligence & Deep State article.  Here's the teaser we promised.  There were 81 cases concerning rampant election fraud filed in multiple states, 30 of which are still active.  If you would have guessed that 72 of these cases were NEVER allowed to present evidence, you get the conspiracy prize once again.  Simple teaser question for the next Military Intelligence update:  How do you LEGALLY introduce evidence that has clearly been denied so far by the Deep State system?  Stay tuned for Part 11 of Military Intelligence where we further tie all this together.

May God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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