No introduction needed for those who have read the Military Intelligence and Election series articles.  With that being said let's get right to it.

As we have previously opined, Covid-19 was a Deep State biological attack, brought here from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with the help of $3.7M directed by Lord Fauci blessed by the two-term chosen one messiah/potus from Illinois.  Now that the outgoing twice duly elected outgoing POTUS is gone in theory, amazing things have happened in regard to the timing by Deep State politicians concerning opening back up businesses and schools.  We have also written about the white paper from Saint Fauci's very own NIH website, which stated unequivocally that HCQ was both an effective therapeutic and inhibitor i.e....vaccine!  But Lord Fauci continues to forget this FACT and still throws off on HCQ at every chance and other therapeutics like Ivermectin etc...  Laughably, he now suggests wearing not one, but TWO masks in continuing to stoke the fear porn and drive people to the vaccines being rolled out.  As we also stated, maybe just maybe, this is because he and college dropout turned vaccine expert and grand wizard of all things pharmaceutical (Bill Gates), stand to profit immensely from their stakes in Moderna and Remdesiver.  After all, insiders have already dumped over $300M worth of Moderna stock.  But the good news is, they have gotten Remdesiver down to anywhere from $2,340 - $3,100 per treatment regimen DEPENDING on the insurance.  Prepare to shell out $1,000 each treatment day for those unfortunate souls with no insurance.  The cost for HCQ and Ivermectin?  Oh, less than a $1- $4 per tablet.  And the sheeple STILL hang on every word from the Deep State controlled pharmaceutical world.  After all, these Big Pharma companies have NO liability (can't be sued) for side effects and little things like death.  Speaking of death, where's the CNN China virus death-counter on our TV screens?  Oh, that's right, Joey B is our savior now.

But all the sudden, wouldn't you just believe it, after the FAKE Lancet study was put out with all the fear porn surrounding HCQ and then quietly retracted, a new study has shockingly made an appearance.  Of course, now that the former POTUS is supposedly out of the way, the lying national MSM still won't cover the retraction OR new study.  It seems, an American Journal of Medicine study AFTER the fake president-elect is inaugurated, lo and behold states HCQ is indeed an effective treatment for the China Virus!  You can't make this stuff up, but the sheeple STILL sit in the laps of the lying national MSM!  Just like Big Pharma held vaccine information until AFTER the election, the timing is once again incredibly suspicious.  And now we have a fake president-elect who REALLY cares for the people, making up for lost time in further lining Big Pharma's pockets.  How so?  One of his first Executive Order's (more on these later) INCREASED the price of insulin and EpiPen’s to OVER $1,000 in some cases.  How many diabetics and allergy sufferers are there requiring these two lifesaving items?  Oh, only MILLIONS...Gee what a champion of the PEOPLE we have in the fake president-elect Joey B!  Even Pharma giant Merck, is getting out of the vaccine race for the China virus.  They know ALL about the effective cheap therapeutics. On top of that, now we have Deep State sock puppet Chuck Schumer telling Rachel Madcow in an interview, that Joey B. should declare a National Emergency on Climate Change.  You know, the same stuff Al Gore (the one who couldn't even carry his own state in a POTUS bid) used to call global warming (world ending in 10 years).  So glad George Soros came up with that gig and allowed him to make $250M in exchange for conceding to fellow Deep State pawn George Bush Jr.  Oh my gosh, even Sandy Cortez (AOC) is smart enough to say 12 years for the world to end with Climate Change.  Remember our previous Bible verse about WHO controls the seasons!  But again, we digress...back on point.

Even the habitual liar, King Andrew Cuomo has been caught with his pants down once again, understating nursing home deaths from the China Virus SIZEABLY.  Does anyone remember the USNS Comfort being sent to NYC with over a thousand beds?  I think there were $MILLIONS spent on temporary hospitals if not mistaken, one ran by Franklin Graham in Central Park.  Now ole King Andy tries to deflect the blame for his murderous policy dated March 25 last year (which he conveniently took down from the government website) while he refused to use the sizeable resources provided him at that time.  After all, it was all about getting the death count UP and making the then POTUS look as bad as possible.  In addition, there are some other key points to cover here concerning, just WHY would someone intentionally do this to our most vulnerable and elderly?  Before getting to these additional points, remember when King Andy trumpeted, "GOD had NOTHING to do with it...WE DID IT!"  This came as he glowingly went over the accomplishments of his administration in flattening the China virus curve in mid-April of last year.  This was during the same week as he was quoted saying the current POTUS, "He has delivered for New York. He has,” My what a difference the upcoming POTUS election meant, as it had to be stolen by the Deep State by any costs.  Case in point was the leaked email from the illustrious Speaker of the House, as her laptop was confiscated by special ops during the Deep State sponsored Capital storming.  This very same email told the Portland mayor to blame everything on the current POTUS as we cannot afford to have ANY wins for the current POTUS when it came to the upcoming election.  All the while, his city was being burned and occupied by Antifa and the Nobel Peace Prize nominated BLM!  She also eloquently stated that the national media, "would back you up!"  Of course, readers of these series of articles always knew the lying national MSM was complicit in the four-year coup attempt we have written of.  But, back to Cuomo.  Fast forward to present, and suddenly King Andy is suddenly confused as to why "God would allow all these deaths?"  What is it, GOD or the former POTUS, Andy?  POTUS seems like the fallback position here, but it fails miserably because of the DOCUMENTED resources provided.  Let's break it down here.  With all the above concerning King Andrew taken into consideration, most probably forget that hospitals got $20,000 plus for treating China Virus patients and if they went on a ventilator, almost $40K.  Simple, always follow the money.  Could some of these hospital deaths really have occurred in the nursing homes after all, instead of the hospitals?  Will some of these hospitals now have to give back the almost $200M they received as part of this UNDER reporting fiasco in the nursing homes that has come to light?  Under ANY kind of non-corrupt court system, could manslaughter in the 2nd degree be under consideration?   How about criminally negligent homicide? Don't stop there, might endangering the welfare of an elderly person be in the cards?  If not, they should ALL be on the table for his Deep State Satanic intentional malfeasance!  Perhaps this is why Cuomo passed a law giving immunity from prosecution to ALL nursing homes et al.  What tangled webs we weave when we first practice to deceive!  Yes, King Andy, you might not answer here on this earth, but you WILL finally answer to GOD, whom you so flippantly use when it’s convenient.  Gee, tell us what you really think here!  Well, let’s now turn our attention to them thar executive orders we mentioned.

Who said during a town hall with Deep State (Epstein loving) lying national MSM mouthpiece George Stephanopoulos, "I have this strange notion, we are a democracy...if you can't get the can't legislate by executive order unless you're a DICTATOR.  We're a democracy. We need consensus."  OOH, who has signed approximately FORTY-TWO EO's just as of this writing.  Let's see, our taxpayers just HAVE to subsidize foreign country abortions once again, and domestically let's shore up the biggest murderer of our black brothers and sisters through abortion while we are at it, namely Planned Parenthood.  Let's shutdown constructing a southern border wall costing 5,000 jobs.  You know, the wall that let's all the human/child traffickers, drug runners and gang members into our country, while we build a wall around DC to protect the Deep Staters from, WE THE PEOPLE.  There is a call now for this DC wall to be permanent with troops there forever...we kid NOT!  But no worries, we have it on good authority that Lord Fauci will be down on the southern border handing out double masks to everyone flooding in.  Welcome to the Deep State lies and hypocrisy playing out right in front of us, whilst their plan to steal every election from now on is cemented.  The people heard, "Walls don't work...they are racist...they are xenophobic etc..."  I guess the extended travel ban EO signed by Joey B. is not xenophobic either.  Now, there is legislation being proposed that allows SIXTEEN-year-olds to vote, ballot harvesting, REQUIRED early voting by mail... ad nauseum.  All the things that led to and WILL lead to the stealing of elections well into the future.  Like we said, until the military corrects this situation, WE THE PEOPLE only have the illusion of choice and democracy.  Welcome to the new and improved Deep State world sheeple! 

In closing, we want to tie in Wuhan, China, and their infiltration into this country through technology.  A recent study was published by this country's respected (No Longer by this author) Deloitte and Huawei.  Yes, this is the same Huawei and Chinese executive spy for those who know the story.  The study is titled, "Combating Covid-19 with 5G."  Just a quick little excerpt here, "the whitepaper notes that the effectiveness of communication and data exchange has been essential in screening for infected individuals and controlling the outbreak. Robust mobile network infrastructure like 5G is also enabling continuous remote monitoring and diagnosis during patient transfers and is supporting thermal imaging for contagion monitoring. Supporting pandemic monitoring platforms, natural disaster command centers, and remote medical consultation are three additional applications of 5G that can be taken advantage of after the rapid escalations of COVID-19.  So why is this important one might ask?  Of course, readers know where we think the China virus came from, but they might NOT KNOW that Wuhan China was where the very first roll-out of 5G occurred in the world.  Hmm We challenge you to THINK about this statement and its Big Brother Orwellian implications.  And the sheeple continue to sleep!   Proverbs 11:19-21... As righteousness tendeth to life, so he that pursueth evil pursueth it to his own death.  They that are of a froward heart are an abomination to the LORD, but such as are upright in their ways are HIS delight. Though they join hand in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished; but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.  

May GOD bless America.

Donald Michaels


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