Presently, our country is being torn apart by the biggest political hoax and coordinated mass-media disinformation campaign in living history. You may know it, as Covid19. Yes it is very real and affects our elderly population greatly, but it is being used by pure evil politicians and elites who think only they control the world. There is but ONE who does that, and it is Almighty GOD! But let's get back to the corrupt politicians and pure evil walking amongst our midst. In 2015, as directed by these globalist corrupt criminals (some would call them the Deep State), our president at the time authorized millions in funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology ($3,700,000 verifiable dollars to be exact), the location now understood to be ground zero of the then-called Corina virus outbreak. The view from this author, is the research carried out there, was to provide the agent for a global biological attack on a scale never before seen - one that would be oh-so-conveniently timed for release within an election year. In fact, starting the very day unsubstantiated efforts to impeach the current president fell apart. That is the sole reason the articles of impeachment were rushed through before the end of 2019 only to be sat on for weeks only to be delivered on January 15, 2020. Why is that one may ask?

Coincidentally, that was the precise date the FIRST confirmed Covid-19 case made its way into our country. Perfect timing while the country went through the farce of an impeachment that was never going to be passed by a Senate vote. BUT, it gave the Deep State plenty of time to embark on a coordinated irregular warfare insurgency, with multiple aims, all under the cover of a global pandemic they themselves manufactured for this purpose. Enabled by their owned and controlled corporate media monopoly, they instigated a heavy-handed and unjustifiable nationwide shutdown to reverse the current president's many economic and unemployment gains, with ONE party's-controlled states suffering the harshest restrictions in our country. What was accomplished by this strategy was many-fold. First, our current President's energetic rallies were halted, hiding from view the surging nationwide passion for what many feel is a galvanizing message, while one party's presidential front-runner was able to avoid interviews and debates where his voters and others, would not be shown his obvious inability to govern or the emerging foreign country(s) bribery scandal that earned his family millions in illicit kickbacks by abusing his office. The next major advantage of the pandemic for the so-called Deep State was the case made to the public for mail-in voting, a highly insecure practice proven to be rampant with fraud, just as we have already seen with one state mailing out hundreds of thousands more ballots than they have registered to vote! What could possibly go wrong with that scenario? But then again, one party still claims to this day that THEY won the popular vote last time! With a rapidly rising death toll needed to make the case to the public for even harsher control, normal influenza deaths for the year and in some states ANY deaths were recorded as Covid19, artificially inflating the numbers. Alas, this was only the beginning. When that strategy did not yield enough fatalities, the Deep State then initiated an ungodly plan to defy federal guidelines and move infected patients into nursing homes where the highest risk age group could be found in large numbers. As previously stated, this virus does impact our senior citizens, and therein lies the abject evil of this plan. Governors of NY, NJ, CA, PA, and MI oversaw what can only be described as a genocide of our elderly loved ones even as the quickly constructed field hospitals and medically equipped Navy ships stood mostly empty. This horrendous act alone cost the lives of over 50,000 people – but gave the insurgency a death toll that would stoke the public fear needed to push ahead with their goals.
Some would even say, the president has blood on his hands for the response to the virus. This writer would say in respect to that sentiment, watch for the inevitable class-action lawsuits against the national mainstream media for lying to the American people about the safety of a drug that had been approved and in use for over 50 years for off label use, that is only now being reluctantly admitted to being effective! Not only that, but watch for class-action suits against FIVE governors and potentially third-degree murder charges for their roles in their nursing home policies! Sadly, in these dark times when our country needed God the most, when people had little else but the comfort of community and their faith, this too was forcibly halted when simply going to church was banned across the country under the guise of public safety. The predictable result was that depression and loneliness became the new epidemic, all designed to create the social conditions needed for what was to come next in their unconstitutional plan to fracture the nation and hold onto power. Immediately upon reports of a flattening curve and a reduction in new cases, the disgusting but mysterious murder of George Floyd hit the headlines. What was presented to the public as a routine instance of racially motivated police brutality turned out to be a strange and coincidental series of events involving two men who once knew each-other working security in a nightclub. Taking all that into consideration, this (some would say well-timed) event provided the justification for the next chapter in the Deep State's coordinated insurgency against the United States. It was crystal clear, their goal was to inflame civil unrest along racial lines on the emotional platform of social justice. Enter Black Live Matter written about in Part 1. BLM was founded, funded and designed by the corrupt Deep State establishment as a social weapon to draw crowds of well-meaning PEACEFUL protesters into harm’s way! After November, the Deep State stands to lose it all but they will do everything to keep the crisis alive and our populace in fear. Witness the sudden rise in infection rates, all while the DEATH rate is no longer talked about.
This writer thinks August and September will be amongst the most chaotic our great nation has ever witnessed! Readers must realize distractions are needed from the almost daily revelations of the greater evil and corruption that has occured over the past several years under BOTH party's control! In September, the OTHER party will be subpoenaed to testify under oath. My guess is that the truth will be told under oath and to the public at large for the first time in a LONG time. Unlike what the previous administration leaders were saying publicly through the corrupt mainstream media, and what they testified to UNDER OATH. But those testimonies were hidden from us, all under the RUSE of national security! To win against this abject evil we must remember what made us strong, turning first and foremost to God, so that true justice can finally return. Under HIS guidance and direction, the United States became what is and always will be the most exceptional Republic ever to exist in all of human history.
The suggestion from here is to turn OFF the lying mainstream national media, wash your hands and try praying to God for a change! May God bless America.  
Michael Keaton

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