In part 5 we laid out the strategic path military intelligence has mapped out concerning negating the results or requesting new elections altogether in the six contested states to date.  This update will concentrate on further remedies afforded by our great Constitution.  With that being said, here we go.

Evidence is being gathered from every state in the nation it seems about serious illegalities involving our voting process and systems, not just in the six contested states to date!  One of the principal culprits is a certain Dominion Voting Systems software which we have pointed out previously, that has major Deep State players involved including the Speaker of The House's former Chief of Staff and a long time California female Senator's husband as it's major shareholder.  As a quick side note here, this is the same California female Senator that military intelligence has pictures of traveling to Wuhan China on several occasions (go figure)!  That notwithstanding, the very REAL Covid-19 was used in the Deep State plan to accomplish many things.  Namely, derail all the economic gains, lock the country down, serve as a distraction  to the present administration for the farcical impeachment process, keep the Deep State candidate in the basement and away from real media scrutiny, and perpetuate the massive fear campaign leading to mail-in ballot and software fraud designed to steal the election.  These were but a few of the PLANdemic objectives.  The name Dominion itself has meaning because as we have stated numerous times before, symbolism and coincidence go hand in hand with the evil Deep State, but we will save that for the conclusion here.
As a matter of recap, the Speaker of the House rushed the impeachment process through her chambers in December only to sit on the finished articles for weeks.  Many wondered why at the time but it is now known, these articles with all their resulting pomp and circumstance, were delivered on the same day the FIRST case of Covid-19 arrived in the U S!  Coincidence right?  In addition, while we are on the subject, where are all the dead bodies of the homeless population being carried out in body bags in our major cities?  Wow, the lying mainstream media missed a real opportunity there to stoke the fear porn and pandemic narrative.  After all, their advised shutdown by Saint Fauci and the "scientific medical experts"  should have wiped out what is certainly over a million people now in our major cities!  Last I checked, the homeless have no masks or access to therapeutics.  We are digressing a little, but remember one candidate talking about, "DARK WINTER"?  Not only once, but TWICE for emphasis in the last presidential debate.  What is Dark Winter?  Simply, the plan to lock us down again, but for ONLY 4-6 weeks according to the "scientific experts" on the new and improved transition team.  Remember Lord Fauci telling the citizenry, "only 45 days to flatten the curve"... how did that work out for the nation?  Even now across the pond, countries are once again locking down and you can bet if the Deep State has their way here, it will be MONTHS again for us if DARK WINTER happens!  Ok, let's move onto potential constitutional remedies moving forward.
When wholesale fraud, corruption and criminality are used to steal a POTUS election by one of the candidates, the victor automatically becomes the other candidate with the most Electoral College votes.  Where does this come from?  A United States vs Throckmorton SCOTUS case which states, "fraud vitiates everything" [1]   So what does vitiate mean one may ask?  Simply this, by categorically asserting "fraud vitiates everything", SCOTUS affirms that fraud in a POTUS elections undermines everything!  'Vitiates" for legal context means, negates, quashes, annuls, invalidates, revokes and abrogates.  This notwithstanding, only ONE state is needed, but ultimately many will fall under this precedent. 
Second, it might behoove our illustrious Speaker of the House to bone up on her Constitution, as she had previously  let the cat slip out of the bag before the election that she was having meetings on "The Articles of Succession" process.  Of course, this was when they were uncertain they could indeed pull of the election fraud coup!  There just happens to be the 12th Amendment of the Constitution.  This is the same Constitution the Deep State hates and tried to dismantle at every turn under their past four presidents.  Before we get to that 12th Amendment, it is important to remember here, the election integrity of this country was placed under the Department of Homeland Security.  That makes it a NATIONAL security issue.  Again we reiterate, the firing of Mark Esper and the former Director of COUNTER-TERROISM was named to replace him.  Once again, military intelligence being steps ahead of these evil people.  Another key resignation just occurred at the time of this writing for anyone willing to research it.  One Bryan S. Ware resigned upon request from the present administration from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency.  After reviewing what his responsibilities were, this will prove to be just ONE more block to proving election fraud.  Esper and Ware had to go in moving the military intelligence plan forward.  Gina Haspel of the CIA, and Christopher Wray of the FBI are on very borrowed time. 
Now, lets get to that 12 Amendment.  Assuming our prediction of this election fraud issue ending up before SCOTUS for just ONE or many states we think, think about the following:  If the justices rule that the election is invalid either on a State or Countrywide scale, one of two things then happens.  SCOTUS will rule the illegal, invalid and unconstitutional mail-in ballots to be thrown out (see our previous discussions on this topic).  These will either be removed from the total vote and a forced hand recount will be ordered.  On the flip side, the election could be THROWN completely OUT because of the country wide voter fraud.  What happens then?  It goes to the House and Senate for a vote.  In just ONE more example of military intelligence being far ahead of the Deep State, every state gets ONE vote for POTUS and the VP.  Guess which party has 31 state votes?  Well, its not the President Elect's party that the lying mainstream media has anointed by their royal proclamation!  As an anti-climax, the Senate only votes on the VP.  The view from here under this scenario, is that the current administration ONLY loses if they CONCEDE...fat chance of that happening! 
It gets even better though.  The illustrious Speaker of the House will certainly not want to do this as she knows the outcome.  Her ONLY other option would be a recount of the LEGAL votes.  We KNOW the outcome of that as well.  So sorry Madam Speaker!   We can't end this without one more little coincidence.  Who were three of the attorneys investigating the "hanging chads" when the lying national mainstream media anointed Al Gore as President Elect for over a month?  None other than Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney-Barrett.  My oh my, now there's a REAL coincidence for you!  Military intelligence at it finest and a fool-proof trap has been set.  Unfortunately, this will result in the riots the Deep State mouthpieces all screamed the present administration's supporters were supposed to commit but NOT happening so far, but will end up in the end being the George Soros funded and planned for events.
Look for Twitter to ban many more accounts in the continuing information and truth suppression, and they along with Facebook, Google and other Deep State controlled Big Tech entities to go dark to keep the news from citizens.  At that point, we will STILL have the lying mainstream national media at our disposal.  70-100 million people already know they are controlled liars, but military intelligence has planned for this as well.  It's called the EMS where they can communicate to each citizen's phone, computer and TV with text messages.  So foolproof is this system, that it can be employed from Air Force One from the safety of the wild blue yonder.  When it all hits the fan, the president, vice-president and or the Speaker will be secured while the ending of this saga unfolds.  Also keep in mind, there are over 200,000 sealed indictments nationwide, the highest since they have been being recorded on state AG sites.  The military will be the only way forward because this will be a NATIONAL SECURITY issue and the Insurrection Act will be invoked. 
In closing, lets touch upon just one more coincidence in one Dominion Voting Systems.  It would be wise to add one more Deep State connection here, in the guise of the Clinton Foundation and their strong connections and support for Dominion as well as the previous mentions of others.  So just what does the word Dominion mean?  The power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority, rule; control; domination, a territory, usually of considerable size, in which a single rulership holds sway.  But Almighty God is behind a plan that has been YEARS in the planning and making by a small group of powerful patriots in our military.  Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, its coming for all to see, not only here but worldwide!
Stay tuned...
May God Bless America
Donald Michaels

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