When we last left off, the biggest sting operation in history was set in motion.  After dripping out information since the election on massive voter fraud and foreign election interference, now things really begin to heat up!  Although they seemingly are in the driver's seat, there are several tell-tale signs that the Deep State is not really in control, but in a masked panic instead.  Day by day, more information is brought forward that foreign actors and Deep State heavyweight, George Soros, are increasingly involved in this massive attempt to steal the election and institute their  "Dark Winter" lockdowns with the very real Covid-19 virus (but extremely exaggerated hyperbole surrounding it).  The propaganda arm of the lying mainstream national and world media is working overtime to censor and keep information away from their sheeple!  The latest example of this culminated with only ONE network covering the current President's address on the gigantic coordinated plot to steal this election.  Remember, they must make the U S citizenry and the world for that matter, believe that the fake President-Elect is going to be inaugurated in January, 2021!  

Let's revisit some pertinent facts here.  First, this election will be decided on the Constitution, specifically Article II and the 12th Amendment, for those who want to read our theory again for how this plays out.  With this in mind, a CAREFUL read of the 2018 Executive Order dealing with Foreign Interference will also be key with the 45 day window that exists AFTER election day and COUNTER TERRIOSM theme.  Again, we lay out its importance in previous articles.  In one more example of military intelligence being far ahead of the Deep State, the present administration finally caved last week (or did they) to the lying national mainstream media and fake President Elect's calls for releasing the $Millions in Transition money set aside for the incoming administration.  In just one more stroke of genius, there are specific laws about signing off to officially receive this funding!  If you would guess clauses about knowingly accepting this money and stating you have NO foreign influence attached to your incoming team, you get the prize once again.  Not only will the fake President Elects son's laptop come back into play, but now you have the VP candidate enriched by the CCCP (China) as well as several of the transition team.  They should have looked at the fine print penal codes attached, as jail time is significant.  Just broadening the dragnet one would guess.  Oh, there was a reason that military intelligence had the present administration spend $250M on Gitmo to house up to 2,250 ADDITIONAL prisoners from a paltry 50 or so!  But that is a later tale for the ongoing Military Intelligence series

We mentioned earlier that real panic is setting in for the Deep State.  You now have Republicans calling for the current President to concede, with most of these being part of the Deep State corruption we have long written about.  One former governor, who had $millions in highway construction/bridge projects swept under the rug after investigations heated up, along with a State Senator who voted to impeach, were two of the more prominent Republicans with things to, shall we say hide!  Perhaps that Utah Senator is worried about his son's involvement with a certain Ukrainian energy company, that has helped enrich the family coffers coming to light.  This would be the SAME energy company scam out of Ukraine that also enriched the fake President Elect's family through his son as well.  In simpler terms, it called using your office for illegal financial gain.  The October surprise laptop proved it, but was kept hidden for the most part by the lying mainstream national media!  In addition, panic in the form of going through the motions to set up for the first time ever, an OFFICIAL OFFICE of the President Elect.  What a joke that is.  Furthermore, one of the illustrious China point-persons per the October surprise laptop, has yet to resign her Senate seat.  Why is that?  After all, they are going to be inaugurated in January?  Perhaps they know that this is going to be just a tad more complicated.  The Deep State also knows that servers were recently confiscated through a military special ops mission in Frankfurt Germany that were being used to change and loose millions of votes.  This was a special ops raid that resulted in deaths, but not a peep from the lying mainstream national media about it!  That's ok, at least ONE of the present administration's over 300 federal appellate judge appointees over the past four years will be sure to hear ALL about it and the contents when the time is right.  Not to mention SCOTUS as well.  This election is far from over.  Just one more item of interest before moving on.  For those saying, oh these states are certifying anyways, even in the face of a mountain of preliminary evidence indicating gargantuan voter fraud.  Please note here, Nixon was certified in one state over Kennedy in a previous POTUS election, only to be reversed one week later!  Can you say precedent?  These early certifications mean absolutely NOTHING!

Now let's move onto AG Barr.  If you listen to the lying national mainstream media, oh my gosh. Barr said he's seen NOTHING that would overturn the election results.  For one, he has not seen all the evidence, YET!  Here is what he ACTUALLY said, "The Department will continue to receive and vigorously pursue ALL specific and credible allegations of fraud as expeditiously as possible."  Per the 2018 Executive Order, this is a compartmentalized COUNTER TERROISM sting that is being conducted through the, military intelligence and special ops.  How could you trust the FBI to handle something like this.  Although the vast majority serve their nation and uphold the Constitution, unfortunately, they have ONE person at the top who is still corrupt...namely Director Wray.  It can take up to 45 days, but a report will then be delivered to the President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury (can you say asset confiscation of Soros et all), Secretary of Homeland Security and AG Barr!  Not a coincidence previously, that judge Kavanaugh was questioned about the difference between CIVIL justice and MILITARY justice, being the FIRST and ONLY SCOTUS candidate to have this line of questioning.  AND a slight mention about enemy combatants being put to death.  That would be called treason and the reason why several prominent Deep Stater's were on record as saying to vote "like your life depended on it!"  For them it does indeed!  Before leaving our thoughts on Barr, he also did one other LITTLE thing that the lying national mainstream medial just casually glossed over.  Just like Robert Mueller was given carte blanche to the tune of $48M tax dollars to find absolutely NOTHING that the current president could be impeached for, a man named Durham was just named special counsel as well.  Do you think he might just get into voter fraud or maybe uncover Mueller's role in the Uranium One treason debacle by chance?  He sure put the fear of God into one John Brennan (he of the Muslim Brotherhood)  Another candidate for Gitmo.  It's a never ending parade for the Deep Stators.  Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying themselves! 

In conclusion, for the past several decades, our beloved America has been for sale.  Alas, now it turns out, even our elections have as well.  That is why this small powerful group of military intelligence patriots and current President are so hated.  The Deep State has to get rid of them at ALL costs, even resorting to assassinations' if possible.  There is NO argument that every LEGAL vote should count for ALL Americans, regardless of political affiliation.  If one argues otherwise, they are completely WRONG, no matter how much they hate the current President!  It should tell one everything you need to know that ALL votes should be counted as opposed to all LEGAL votes being counted.  We are a Banana Republic and have no Democracy without that happening, ONLY the ILLUSION of one!  After the fake President Elect is exposed, look for voter ID laws in all 50 States and the USPS's blockchain patent to be approved moving forward for ALL early and absentee ballots in the future.  Up to 70% of Washington is corrupt, so moving forward, the view from here is term limits for ALL Senators and Representatives as well.  Act one of dismantling the corrupt king and queen making voting machinery has taken place.  You have to let treason and sedition happen with this voting corruption and record it, then you also document the coverup.  Many times the coverup is just as bad as the initial crime.  The Deep State was backed into a corner and took one more piece of bait hook line and sinker once again!

May God Bless America

Donald Michaels


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