As with the most recent Military Intelligence & Deep State piece, this update will again bleed across both series of articles.  Things are happening very quickly now and will be ramped up even more over the next couple of weeks.  The goal of this update is to reflect on the most recent developments of AG Barr resigning, his Acting AG replacement and Deputy AG, along with their roles moving forward.  In addition, Military Intelligence will be touched on as well, for their National Security role will become plain for all to see under both Homeland Security and the 2018 Executive Order dealing with Foreign Interference in U S Elections.  General Miley, second in command of the entire Military complex, has set the stage with previous optics that are now unmistakable for those who really want to see.  Does the current President act like one who is getting ready to concede?  Most of the past corrupt Deep State presidential puppets, both Republican and Democrat, were busy compiling a list of who to pardon in their last days!  But what would an update in these two series be without some breaking news concerning Covid-19, election fraud and more Washington DC corruption to be exposed on both sides of the isle, etc...  With that being said, lets get on with what some would call a fictional conspiracy novel/movie show:
The new Acting AG replacing outgoing William Barr, is none other than Jeffrey Rosen.  One may ask, why is that important?  In another strategic chess move, this was a planned for appointment by the supposedly outgoing President.  However, upon closer inspection, Mr. Rosen is closely tied to Foreign Interference in Elections, since he was confirmed during the never ending almost three year Deep State campaign to tie the present administration to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  Readers might remember that the silver haired savior of all things anti-Trump, Robert Mueller, was going to help lead the current President out of the White House in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs according to the lying national mainstream media mouthpieces.  After spending almost $50 million, the silver haired savior, was revealed as just a bumbling and incoherent senior citizen at the key hearings concerning his "Mueller Report!"  As we have opined, the first four-year term of the current administration concerned control of the Senate.  The House was unimportant, because they would be exposed to the American people and worldwide as desperate Deep State puppets on many occasions.  Who cared how many investigations would be initiated, and there was a plethora?!  The Senate would block them all.  Keep that almost $50 million price tag in mind, because it will become important later on in this seemingly never ending saga.  Rosen is a temporary appointment, but this administration has revealed the Deep State and their corruption so many times with previous temporary appointments in the past.  Want proof?  Look at what Ric Grenell exposed concerning the pathological liar, Representative Schiff for one, with his temporary appointment.  We say all this to outline the importance of the new acting AG Rosen, who will have a key role to play concerning the 2018 Foreign Interference Executive Order.
Likewise, the new acting Deputy AG Richard Donoghue, served for years as a Military Advocate Judge in the U S army.  Hmmm, military, there's that word again!  We have tried to lay out the puzzle for you over the past series of articles.  As a brief recap, one might want to go back and read about the FIRST and ONLY line of questioning to a SCOTUS candidate concerning the military justice system with Brett Kavanaugh.  Just as a reminder, that line of questioning included questions concerning treason and executions for enemy combatants, both foreign and domestic!  Remembering too, that the first AG under the present administration, was also a retired military man.  Namely, Jeff Sessions.  With every passing year, month and day, military intelligence's plan is falling into place.  Think military tribunals and Guantanamo Bay for those unfortunate souls who are going to be caught up in the military justice system, after almost four years of trying to overthrow a duly elected president?
With that being said, former AG Sessions and now soon to be former AG Barr, are widely seen to have been pressured into resigning.  Perfect optics once again, considering Sessions (he of all things Epstein/child/human trafficking while ignoring Russian collusion and Mueller) and Barr are free to take their next place in the military intelligence plan unfolding before our eyes.  Sessions can spearhead/serve on the resulting military tribunal efforts, and Barr can testify freely concerning what he/they knew!  And they know plenty, along with presently, not coming off looking like  partisan hacks.  Now that we have the military piece of what is set up to shortly occur, let's complete the puzzle with one General Miley mentioned previously.  The optics provided by Miley has once again set the Deep State up to take the fall in spades.  First, he gives an interview to the one of the lying mainstream national media hacks, about regretting having taken part in the present administration's photo in front of the historic White House proximity church that was almost burnt irreparably.  Never mind that President Clinton did the very same thing with a photo op there that was praised, but we digress!  What did General Miley also do?  He rebuffed the Deep State call to oust the current President from the White House after Inauguration Day.  If memory serves correctly, Deep State puppets like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Gore and even Mitt Romney have floated this strategy to the lying mainstream national media.  The optics are now set.  The military, per General Miley, is not a POLITICAL pawn!  BUT, one thing they ARE, is about protecting this country from terrorists, both foreign AND domestic!  Previous articles have alluded to this strategy and it's very close to being executed.  If the military makes the arrests, the majority of the public will KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt about their legitimacy. The arrests will be lawful, no matter what the lying mainstream national media tries to propagandize!  The pieces are all coming together, including the military raid on Frankfurt Germany, where servers impacting 10's of millions of POTUS votes were confiscated.  Military intelligence has been five steps ahead of the Deep State and they do indeed have it ALL.
Now, before leaving this particular train of thought. we have to bring up one last thing about General Miley.  Remember when during one of the Covid-19 press conferences, where the current President brought up the rescue of a young American woman who had fallen victim to human trafficking down in South America?  He told how it was a tremendous fight and the young lady was horribly abused and even tortured.  General Miley led that effort and was asked to comment right after.  Briefly, he said in part, "we are at war with terrorists'...,"this is the U S military and you WILL NOT penetrate this country... and we WILL defend this country regardless of the costs!"
Consider those FACTS when taking into account the coming crackdown on DOMESTIC terrorists who are trying to commit one of the greatest election frauds in history!  One last thing here, not ONE question was asked during that Covid-19 press conference about the horribly abused young American woman to the General, who led the operation to rescue her.  What does that tell you about the lying national mainstream media?  Only this, the sheeple hear narratives they want them to hear!  Look for a major name or names connected with how this young girl, now a young lady, got put into this human trafficking network after the military arrests start.
Taking all the above into consideration, along with the themes previously alluded to in this series of articles, we want to point out a prominent Republican Senator who has extensive ties to China.  This majority Senate leader's net worth has quadrupled because of his China ties through his wife.  No wonder he has gotten on the Trump-train, along with a certain Senator from South Carolina, AFTER a prominent Senator/past Arizona presidential candidate passed away from brain cancer?  At least that was the official version of events fed to the sheeple!  On another note, why has the Vice President-Elect still not given up her Senate Seat?  After all, the two-term Messiah from Illinois gave up his seat DAYS after becoming the President Elect.  Perhaps there is some panic or maybe even some uncertainty still about the REAL results?  Tic Tok.
On the Covid-19 front, more is being revealed each and every day, but readers following this series already know how we feel about the lying mainstream national media's fear porn surrounding it.  Conversely, it seems the AMA has changed horses in the stream, much like the CDC and WHO has recently concerning Covid-19 FACTS.  They now admit to hydroxychloroquine being an effective therapeutic for the China Virus.  Yes that's right... the same drug the lying national mainstream media and certain medical professionals and scientists said would lead to heart damage and scarring of the heart!  One has to BELIEVE them, according to the fake President Elect, right? This is the very same drug we brought to readers attention early on, along with the present administration.  Let's look at this another way.  Even the WHO recommended this drug for certain parts of the world because it was SAFE then and STILL is today!  Let's take a page out of the lying national mainstream media's playbook and state for the RECORD, shall we?  THEY are responsible for the vast majority of the approaching 300,000 U S death count for LYING and HIDING this from U S citizens, and the WORLD!  As previously opined, everything is pointing to this being NOT a pandemic, but a PLAN DEMic instead, no worse than the flu or cold for the vast majority of the world's population!  By the way, has Covid-19 murdered the flu this year?  Look at the CDC stats, there's barely a case of the flu when compared to Covid-19!  But yet the world was allowed to be shut down by the Deep State and their controlled media and Tech Giants' social platforms.  Speaking of Tech Giants, one Mark Zuckerberg has been found to donating almost $500M for election help (over $100M to the contested states) this year.  Only one problem, there was a claw-back clause in the donations which stated they would ask for the money back IF their demands were not met.  Geez, you would think he would have learned his lesson after Mini-Mike Bloomberg spent a similar fortune to garner 2 Electoral delegates in his joke of a presidential bid.  Only one wee little problem with ole Zuckerberg, this is called election interference!  One wonders if Mark Z knows how to pronounce Gitmo or where its even at?
In closing, this author will admit to hinting at the fake President Elect's not making it to the finish line.  In a fair world, he would have been eliminated due to the release of Ukraine/China corruption contained upon his son's laptop, but hidden by the lying national mainstream media to protect the Deep State's candidate of choice this year.  However, this digital soldier's work involves extracting the facts no matter which way they go.  This is an equal opportunity corruption revealing exercise whether Republican or Democrat.  I am neither a doctor or scientist, but then come to think about it, neither is Bill Gates!  It stinks when peoples lives are being taken advantage of, manipulated or being ruined by a Satanic and evil Deep State.  This is why I do what I do providing readers with some facts and educated connecting of the dots.  After all, much of what has been written here has come to pass right before our eyes and time will tell about the rest.  It is my hope to give readers a fighting chance by being armed with unbiased knowledge and educated opinion based on what I research and see.
With that, as always stay tuned for much more including Julian Assange and 
May God Bless America
Donald Michaels

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