Now that election day has come and gone (or has it?), it's time to weigh in on the current developments.  Once again, it might be very helpful to go back and read the first three parts of this series, along with "Military Intelligence and Dismantling of the Deep State World."  All these articles subscribe to the same themes.  With that being said, let's go down the rabbit hole just a bit further.

Well, the results are in and one party looks certain to retake their position of power.  Six States amazingly decided to halt counting with one party comfortably ahead in each one, only to have the nation wake up to an entirely different scenario that was unfolding the next day!  States called for one party early on election night, suddenly had to be halted for the other party, because they were well on their way to over 300 electoral college votes.  Surprisingly, or not so much to some, data dumps have been occurring every 3-4 hours in some of these six KEY battleground states.  Statistical anomalies like over 100,000 plus votes for one candidate, with the other candidate getting ZERO, are now happening to shrink the leads.  Any mathematician or statistician will tell you that cannot happen.  One county in Michigan reported 153,315 votes for one candidate when it should have been 15,331.  That in itself is a 135,000 error in the count.  As has ALWAYS happened, but heretofore never challenged, counties now have 10's of thousands MORE votes than what they have registered to vote, showing up once again! These are but some of the seemingly innocent and fair things that have been allowed to happen over the years, and so far, right now.  After all, our election system has ALWAYS been fair, or has it?
If you subscribe to the Deep State theory of corruption laid out in these series of articles, they don't CARE which party is in control, as long as they CONTROL its leadership.  Politics (Senators, Representatives, Governors and Mayors etc...), Leaders of supposed Ally Countries, Religion, Big Tech, Banking, Hollywood are all part of their umbrella!  Along comes an individual NOT under their control, and this person becomes the most hated leader in history besides Hitler, and HAS to be gotten rid of at all costs!  On the flip side, a few good patriots high up in the military recruited this person to run, PRECISELY because he was NOT under Deep State control.  As we have opined before, this military operation has been steps ahead every stride of the way over the Deep State juggernaut.  From Russian collusion, to the impeachment farce, and the Covid-19 PLANdemic, they have exposed the Deep State at every turn for those who really wanted to see.  Nothing has stuck so far, but things look very bright so far with their election fraud plan!
Not so fast my friend... there was a reason mail-in balloting and fraud was mentioned numerous times leading up to this election!  Most everyone in the U S has heard it and now it gets to be proven.  How's that one might ask?  Once again, military intelligence was far ahead of the Deep State.  After all the Russian collusion garbage that cost one candidate the 2016 election in theory, a substantial executive decision was made.  Before we get to that decision, we just have to render an observation on the 2016 election though.  Per Google/Facebook CEO testimony before the Senate, less than $300,000 dollars was spent by Russian operatives in FIXING the 2016 election.  No doubt that caused the female candidate to loose, especially considering one billionaire spent $500 MILLION to garner TWO electoral delegates in Puerto Rico of all places in the earlier primary held by their party this year.  He unceremoniously dropped out.  But the gullible citizens believed that lie about 2016, right?   But let's get back to that executive decision.  The Department of Homeland Security now oversees our elections and they control the printing and issuance of mail-in ballots.  One would hazard to guess these people are not stupid, especially if known ballot fraud had been occurring for decades now, that some kind of identifying NON VISIBLE watermark or nanotechnology hologram exists within the OFFICIAL copy to combat this practice!
Once again, lets see how the show plays out here, but suspicions are that one party is getting ready to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!"  Not only will the certain color Tsunami trumpeted by the corrupt pollsters and national media be once AGAIN wrong, the OTHER color MIRAGE that they talked about, DID in fact take place!  Unfortunately, that will not be the end of the story, because the DEEP STATE has planned and are now organizing massive riots in all their controlled cities across this great country if and when they lose.  How do we know that?  Just look at all the businesses boarding up with messages painted on their plywood, that they "support BLM!"  Military Intelligence has a plan for that as well, and it's called  "The Insurrection Act."
Sometimes you can tell your families, friends and circle of influence over and over ad nauseum, but when they finally see for themselves, its a different story all together.  In this writer's humble opinion, that's exactly what's unfolding.  Alas, some eyes will still not believe what they are seeing, but the choice and resulting repercussions will be entirely upon them.  This is a plan from military intelligence and being allowed by God to show our great nation and world just what WE have allowed to happen by getting away from HIM!
In closing, some bible verses are apropos here, keeping in mind that Almighty God can use whatever and whomever HE chooses:
Daniel 2:21... "And HE changeth the times and the seasons: HE removeth kings, and setteth up kings: HE giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding"
Sometimes God has to use what's available to him, especially when dissatisfied with all the Democratic AND Republican corruption that exists presently.  Keep in mind though, this is no longer about politics, but a battle between GOOD and EVIL!  With that being said:
Luke 8:17... "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad"
Previously in other articles, we have briefly touched on but not even scratched the surface of human and child trafficking that the national mainstream media has until now kept hidden from the our citizens and the world!  That's next
May God bless America
Donald Michaels

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