As summer came to a close, I decided to venture out on the road and go out west for work. I work at a medical marijuana farm in New Mexico. I call Beckley, West Virginia my "home" and I knew that going across the country, that I wanted to learn what that industry could potentially bring to West Virginia. West Virginia would benefit dramatically marijuana was legalized. When I got home, I was devastated to see that in my hometown of Beckley, three businesses shut down in one day. I thought to myself: "It is no surprise that so many young people leave." However, some people with the belief that: "If I don't stay to help make things better, who will?", resonates in the heart of many West Virginians who love this state and hope to see it prosper. Legalization of marijuana could potentially be the message that people need to see- that West Virginia is progressing, and that West Virginia's government is listening to the voices of the people still here that are clinging on to any source of hope that could potentially exist. The irony is, however, that according to Business Insider, New Mexico ranks 4th in poverty, while West Virginia ranks 3rd. These states that are stunningly beautiful with natural resources, struggle tremendously on an economic level. West Virginia is on the east, though, and if marijuana was legalized now, it would be almost metaphoric to being the Colorado of the east. However, if West Virginia does not "get on board", I fear that the state will miss its mark and consequently, be one of the last states to legalize marijuana. As I traveled back, I looked closely at all the business that no longer existed along the interstate and I am reminded of the impact that a growing industry can make on small businesses within a state. While some people within WV may be compromising their views to accept that change has to occur to revive West Virginia, we must look at a bigger picture to move forward.