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About Us


What is WVTNEWS About? 

Media controls what we read, see, and hear to influence our thinking and the everyday decisions we make.  This nonpolitical online publication was formed to provide insight to the issues facing the citizens of the Appalachians influenced by outside factors such as government, foreign corporations and big business. Many of the articles will be written by natives of the area with various writers being both investigative and informative. No subject is off limits and the intent of the newspaper is to be a thought provoking tool to encourage citizens to look for reasons why life can be very difficult to survive in America today.  

Real time videos will be added to feature important events and our reporters will be able to download events as they are happening from multiple locations.  

Businesses will be able to market their services/goods and our staff will assist in creating the message that the company wants to convey to potential clients. The newspaper is striving to promote buying from local businesses and American made products from across the United States.